Monday, December 5

Where's Baby Jesus?!?

So, I know I told you guys that I would be doing a post about our Christmas stuff. And I am!
Just not yet.
See, I can't just write about our awesome decorations! I have to put pictures, too. Or all of you guys have to come over my house. Which would be fine with me, but judging from the stress-o-meter around here (which is currently somewhere between 'holiday' and 'nuclear war'), that would not be appreciated by family.
Plus, I still don't have batteries for my camera. Evidently somebody used, like, six double A's in something or other, so there's none left. :(
However, I do have a little tidbit about my Nativity.
We pulled out all our Christmas decorations on Sunday, but we only did the tree so far, so I went ahead and grabbed my miniature Nativity that I got for a gift a couple years ago. Anyways, there's eleven pieces: Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a sheep, king #1, king #2, king #3, a camel, an angel, a donkey, and the stable. But when I pulled out the box, Joseph and Jesus weren't there. You might be able to get away with a Joseph-less Nativity, but Jesus is kind of important there. So of course, I had to find them, or ditch the Nativity scene. Keep in mind, the Joseph figurine is about an inch and a quarter, and Jesus in the manger was about three-quarters of an inch. So I'm looking all over for these tiny little guys that make such a big difference. I finally think to look in the decoration box that my Nativity was in. I pulled out stockings, another Nativity set, a snowman figurine, another Nativity set (I have no idea why we have so many), the angel for our Christmas tree, and a couple of random poinsettia thingies. Finally, in the very bottom corner, I spied a little manger and a little dude, both of which were upside-down. So, this story has a happy ending. I found Baby Jesus and Joseph after all and my Nativity was complete! It looks really cute, too. If I remember, there will be a picture of that with my Christmas post.

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  1. Hehe, I'm glad you found them. :) I was a little worried there.

    I'm excited about seeing your pictures. Get lots!