Tuesday, December 13

Bellingrath Gardens

We went to Bellingrath with our homeschool group on Friday night.
It was fun.
Sadly, few of my pictures turned out, so I was a little frustrated.
Still, there were a bunch that I'm gonna put out so you can get in the spirit of Bellingrath.

Just like Geoffrey! He was goofy, which meant he was either tired or super excited. Or both.

I took so many pictures of these swans, it was entirely probable that not one of them would turn out. Yet here we are...:)
Before I took this shot, Cameron came up to me and was like, "Hey, Meredith, what's the sign for peace?" So I showed him. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?

 Somebody told me that this was supposed to look like a waterfall. It made me think of the world of Pandora from the movie Avatar. See how the color kept getting drained?

 My poor camera couldn't figure out what to focus on! Maybe next time we go I'll have a better click-click.

A lot of my pictures showed the lights beautifully, but they're shaped funny cuz I couldn't hold still. What? It was cold, and I was excited, and there were a bunch of people behind me, so I couldn't stop.

 A pond, or something. I was getting quite frustrated at my camera right about now.
Giddyup, horsies! The underwater scenes were cool.

 Don't those look like the Christian fish?
 When I was taking this shot, we were by the scene in the next picture. I was ignoring it and taking pictures of the garbage. Go figure.
 This is one of those "farting rainbows" scenes that everybody loves but few people actually do.
 I like candy.
 Yay! A jack-in-the-box!
 Yes, we are cute. We're adorable, in fact. This will probably be our Christmas photo, now that I fixed the red eyes. We used to look like devil children.
 O Tannebaum, O Tannebaum!
 Oooh, pretty flowers!!!
 Oooh, more pretty flowers!!!
The Big Glowing Orb of Bellingrath Christmas Spirit and Stuff. Yeah, that was an impromptu naming.

Overall, it was fun. And cold. And crowded. But fun.


  1. Aww, I like your pictures. :) They're not bad at all. Low lighting is very hard, but I think you captured the moment!

    I like your group photo, once again. So sweet. :) We were going to try to go to Bellingrath sometime soon. We could be standing in the exact, same, spot! Haha!

  2. Aw! I wish that we could have gone!! :( It looks like you all had a great time! I love the pictures, and I think your christmas one turned out great! :D

  3. I know EXACTLY how it feels to not get the camera to work! "Patience...I must remember patience..." They look very nice though. ;)

    I haven't been there since I was being pulled around with some of the other girls in the wagon! They have beautiful lights and Christmas orbs. :)