Thursday, December 15

I am so glad for vacation to start tomorrow! We get to kick school out with our SGA party! There will be pictures, unless one of two things happens.
1) I forget. Which I might. Fridays are stressful with co-op and SGA and goofing off (if you know me, you understand!) and all.
2) I'm embarrassed of the pictures of me. Which could easily happen.
Me: What in the world was I doing with my eyes?
Mom: I told you what would happen if you got in the habit of making faces when people are taking your picture!
There's actually a good example of this. I'll post it, since you're all friends or family and I don't mind if you see me looking...well...awful.
Um, yeah, anyway.

For those of you who I probably won't see again till the New Year, I'll miss you! Maybe we can get together over the holidays, or for New Year's!
Now I have that song in my head. "Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah!"


  1. Aww, you don't look awful. :) I'll finish that song with you...

    When is our next PE?

  2. We are doing the same thing kicking school out today and all.