Wednesday, December 7

Impulse buy

We were at the dollar store yesterday to get some stuff for our Christmas decorating (which looks great! pictures are coming soon, cuz we should be getting batteries today! YAY!!!) and we were checking out. They had their stand of reading glasses, the junky stuff you can get for a buck but it breaks in, like, a week. Anyway, there was this really cute pair there and I had to try them on. Like I literally would have died if I didn't. Well, maybe not, but it felt like it at the time. So I put them on, and was instantly transformed into Secretary Meredith! So of course I had to buy them. I got another pair, too, but they're not so cute. So if you see me wearing glasses, no, I did not get them cuz I need them to see, (they actually impair my vision) I got them more for an accessory. But they do look neat!
I need batteries so I can post pictures! :(

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  1. You haven't posted a picture of your "impulse buy" yet. :-)