Thursday, December 8

Christmas decorations

Here are the long awaited (Okay, maybe just four days) Christmas pictures!
My Barbie Rapunzel ornament I got a long time ago. First ornament on the Christmas tree!
Our tree was fake, by the way.

Our pretty angel. There's no real color in it, so I decided to try it in sepia.

Another pretty angel!

There's something strangely cool about this picture.

The same pretty angel, but different!

We got this ornament the year we bought our new piano.
I don't remember what year it was, but I know that we got this ornament that year!

Our glass Nativity. That's Baby Jesus in the front, the white blur.

My cute little teddy bear snowglobe.

Mom's Snowbabies decoration. With a Yankee Candle in the background.

This snowglobe (snowhouse? i.d.k.) changes color, it just happened to be blue when I took this picture.

Mom did this arrangement. Normally I do the decorating.

The angels in our main Nativity. We have five. Mom says she kind of collects them. :)

Hello there, cute little Baby Jesus!

My miniature pink Christmas tree. What? I like pink!

A cute little angel. With a horn.

The back end of the three kings' camel. And the three kings.
And some of my mini Nativity. Complete with glow from Christmas tree.

Glitter. Silver. Lights. Pink. A star. This picture just gets better and better.

My Santa figurine that you put kisses in. The chocolate kind, I mean.

Our gift exchange gifts, all set to take to the party today! See (most of) you there!


  1. Pardon me while I share a deep "Mom moment." I love the picture of the angel behind our glass nativity scene. Did you notice the angel is missing its wings? (I ddn't think so!) :-) That angel almost didn't get put out because of the missing wings, but I decided to go ahead so she could be part of the show even if she wasn't perfect. That's what God does with us--He doesn't set us aside because we're not perfect; He invites us to be part do what He is doing in spite of our imperfections.

  2. I like all of your decorations. And I like the bear globe. :) Cute. The pictures all look nice. All Christmasy feeling. :) In the last picture, what are those yellow things in the background? Hehe, I'm interested. :)

    Nicely said, Mrs. Rachael.

  3. How fun! It is always fun switching it up and decorating for the season. :) Very nice!

  4. The yellow things are grapefruits. I haven't tried one yet; not sure if I'm gonna! I don't typically like sour/bitter stuff...