Thursday, December 1

Christmas art project

I'm playing the piano for a moms' meeting on Friday night, and since I'm playing Christmas music, I had to get a nice picture in the front of my binder. I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it, so you're just going to have to look at the finished product all at once.
First I used a sponge brush to paint some water in a rectangular shape in the middle of the red. Then I took dark green acrylic paint and brushed it over the water. That made the green background that you see. Then I took the same sponge brush and added a little yellow. I brushed it on at the bottom and added a triangular outline so I'd have a nice Christmas tree shape. Then I kept filling in the tree, adding a little more yellow as I got close to the top. At least, I tried. I kind of ended up blending it all out. Then I took a weird brush that has splayed bristles that are really hard, dipped just the tip in red paint, and swirled the red all over the tree, lightly. This not only added the red swirls, but created the other swirly texture in the tree. Then I took a little bit of yellow and added it to some white to keep the white from being to harsh. After that, I let the whole thing dry, because the ornaments couldn't be blended with the rest of the tree. Once it was dry, I added circles of paint-red and yellow, but you can use whatever colors-use more paint than you might normally. You don't want the tree to show underneath. Then I let the ornaments mostly dry. After that, I took some of my yellow-white paint and added a little highlight to the ornaments. Then I outlined the star on top, because I have a hard time with stars, for some reason unbeknownst to me. Then I filled it in with a golden color (yellow with some red) and added a little smidgen of orange just to add some dimension. Then I took the same yellow-white and added a highlight to the star as well. Then I took a big brush and added a golden outline around the tree and smudged it till it looked like a golden glow. Then I took some black and outlined the whole thing. Don't forget to leave the star poking off the top! It adds dimension and just looks cool. And sign your name. Because your painting will be awesome and everyone will want to claim it as their own.


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  2. Nice art! I wish I could paint; I think it would be so fun.

    I'm going to hear you play the piano someday!