Tuesday, May 29

Happy birthday Mom!
I'd say more but I really don't think it's necessary! <3
You know I don't like wishy washy stuff, but you know what I mean!

Thursday, May 17

Once again, I am baking cookies.

Hopefully you'll all get some this time!

Wednesday, May 16

Cleaning up my old SGA binder for the new field trips coordinator, cleaning up the old secretary's binder for me! :)

Monday, May 14

Doesn't this just look like the most wonderful place in the world? Don't you just wish you could go there? Well, I get to in less than a month! :)
That bench there in the yard is something that our family put in in memory of my cousins who were killed in a drunk driving accident. It's a pretty special place to us all!

We are the same!


On Saturday, we went to the farmers market to see some of our friends! It was a nice day and it didn't rain while we were there! I had a blast, even though the nearby car show was veeery loud. :P

Cadey, Audrey, and Mrs. Grey from Annie Grey Photography with her amazing photos!

 Doesn't Audrey look so sweet and kind in that picture? You just want to go up and give her a big hug, don't you? :/
This car is soooo cool!!! Even though the noise from the car show was annoying and bombastic, the cars were really neat! :)
After that, we had the homeschool graduation, where I got no pictures because it was crazy. Sorry! :)

Scholarship recital

Geoffrey and I both won $200 for summer music camp from the Choctaw Bay Music Club. It was a huge blessing for me, as I really wanted to go but I was short about three hundred dollars... :)
We've both applied for music camp now, and I only have fifty dollars left to save! 
Anyway, part of what we had to do to get our money was come play at a recital for all the scholarship winners. Along with playing a solo piece, I was asked to accompany for a trumpeter, who played a Haydn trumpet concerto. I played good old Scarlatti, and Geoff played "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks" from "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky. We were at a beautiful church in Fort Walton Beach, Saint Simon's on the Sound.
 Geoff was so very excited to be there!
 After the recital, (we weren't supposed to take pictures during the thing and the ones we took afterwards look weird) I went out and took some pictures of the pretty stuff outside the church! :)

My amazingly brilliant cousin David has made a countdown timer until our family reunion! If you can see it, I'm not sure how compatible it is with everyone's computers...
You can see how beautiful it is there, and exactly how long until we leave!!! :)


Thanks David!!!

Saturday, May 5

Field Trip

This Friday was our last day of co-op for the year! I'm kind of happy and kind of sad. Of course I'm glad to be done with school, but now that both PE and co-op are over, I won't be seeing my friends regularly. Fortunately, we're planning to do LOTS this summer, so they're not getting away from me that easily!
For the last day, we decided to do a field trip to Fort Barrancas. Allie and Kacie and Hunter couldn't be there for various reasons, so it was just me, Lizbeth, Abbie, Joel, and Jake, along with our teacher Mrs. Brown and Lizbeth's grandma. It was super fun and kind of educational...yeah, I didn't learn anything.

 This hill we had to climb reminded me of hiking part of the Appalachian trail last summer.

 Lizbeth, Joel, me, Jake, Abbie...I love you all!!! <3
 This picture didn't turn out exactly as I was wanting it to, but it came out pretty interestingly. I think I like it better than what I was going for!
Joel being a hobo...

How well do you know me?

Yes, I'm copying Allie and Andrew. :) It sounded like a fun thing to do!

Mom, you can't answer these, it's unfair. :)

1. Where was I born?
2. How many siblings do I have?
3. What musical instrument do I play?
4. What is my absolute most favoritest color?
5. Where do I go every June for my family reunion?
6. What is my favorite book of the Bible?
7. What is one word you would use to describe me? (this is more of a random little thing than a question)

Thursday, May 3

In Christ Alone

Baking six zillion cookies for the beach party today...I sure hope it's worth it. :)