Saturday, May 5

Field Trip

This Friday was our last day of co-op for the year! I'm kind of happy and kind of sad. Of course I'm glad to be done with school, but now that both PE and co-op are over, I won't be seeing my friends regularly. Fortunately, we're planning to do LOTS this summer, so they're not getting away from me that easily!
For the last day, we decided to do a field trip to Fort Barrancas. Allie and Kacie and Hunter couldn't be there for various reasons, so it was just me, Lizbeth, Abbie, Joel, and Jake, along with our teacher Mrs. Brown and Lizbeth's grandma. It was super fun and kind of educational...yeah, I didn't learn anything.

 This hill we had to climb reminded me of hiking part of the Appalachian trail last summer.

 Lizbeth, Joel, me, Jake, Abbie...I love you all!!! <3
 This picture didn't turn out exactly as I was wanting it to, but it came out pretty interestingly. I think I like it better than what I was going for!
Joel being a hobo...


  1. Very cool! I have been to Pickens and McRee, but never Barrancas (loss of memory on how to spell that...). Looks like a good way to spend your last day!

  2. Or... Joel being Joel. :)

  3. only Joel would be a hobo. Sorry I didn't come :(

  4. Sarah Me =)7/5/12 9:02 AM

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Only it was quiet without you guys at co-op for lunch...we all missed you guys! :(