Thursday, January 31

Oh Sherlock...we are indeed kindred spirits.


I have taken to saying "lol" as of late in texting and whatnot.
But I have a confession to make.
When I say "lol", ninety-nine percent of the time, I'm sitting there without so much as cracking a smile. And I can guarantee you that as much as people say it, probably the majority of the time, that's the situation with them too.
Then why do we say it if we don't mean it (ninety-nine percent of the time)?
I think there are two main reasons why people say lol when they don't mean it.

1. Because it makes almost anything sound less serious.
"Lol I hate you"
"Lol my cat died"
"Lol that was soo stupid"

2. Because it takes up space when you have nothing to say.
"Haha yeah, so I was like eating a sandwich the other day and it was good lol!"
"Oooh lol that's cool"

If we were all truly honest, almost all we'd ever say is lolwkasf.
Laughing out loud while keeping a straight face.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.

Wednesday, January 30

I know what I did

It's been a really long time since I just posted some pictures from fun stuff I've been doing! 
I guess y'all prolly all thought that my life has just been boring, huh?
Well...the word "NO" just isn't NO enough to say how wrong that is.
Here's a mishmash photography post that can hopefully journal a LITTLE bit.
 I volunteered!
 I wrote, doodled, and goofed off a LOT.
 I had bunches of fun with all my friends...who are all amazing and I love them! <3 (rabbit trail)
 I got a haircut! :)
Since I got a new camera in November, I've gotten back into photography and this was one of the first sunsets I shot with my new camera.
And boy was it gorgeous...the sunsets are always beautiful here but this one was particularly breathtaking.
I tested the waters of portrait photography! I suppose you could say this is a sneak peek at Geoffrey's senior pictures? Although this one is more of a blooper. ;)
We looked at old pictures and found some gems...yup, that's my dad!
So yeah! That's what's been going on! Add in some Ultimate Frisbee, music, and lots of school, and you have my life! 

Tuesday, January 29

Remembering Sara

Today is my cousin Sara's birthday. It's her Sweet 16! Special day, right?
She would be so gorgeous, with her china doll complexion and sparkling, mischievous eyes.
She would be so sweet - but she would know how to keep her brothers in check!
She would be her mama's helper and her daddy's girl!
All the boys would be falling over themselves to be the one she's got her eye on - if they could get through her daddy, that is.
Her love for God would shine through in everything she does. God truly made something special when he created Sara.
Which I guess is why she's celebrating with Jesus today.
I miss her so much...last night I was thinking about what it would be like if she was still here. She wasn't just my cousin, she was my best friend. I remember all the letters and pictures we sent back and forth, talking about all our important matters of business, sending each other carefully colored hearts, and in her case, diagrams of the solar system.
I remember us pretending to dive off the side of a bridge into a little creek in North Carolina, and I remember that she didn't recognize me after I had gotten a haircut.
What would she think of all of my teenage dramas?
How many secrets, tears, prayers, and giggles would we have shared?
I miss her, and it's wrong that she's not here, but one day I'll have plenty of time to catch up with her.
Happy birthday Sara! <3

Monday, January 28

To be full of bitterness and unforgiveness is like drinking poison hoping it will hurt your enemies.

On not understanding

As much as I don't like it to be true, I don't understand much. I suppose you could say that's kind of the way of the world. Maybe that's how God intended it to be...cuz if humans could understand everything they'd have more reason to justify being equal with Him, something we will never be. I'm going to tell you some of the things that I don't understand (and please understand that this list is nowhere near complete)

I don't understand why people like me. They say I'm funny and enjoyable to be around. 
Really I'm just mean and everyone thinks I'm kidding. :)

I don't understand all of the laws of the universe. Sure I can talk for a very brief period of time about the laws of angular reflection when applied to a Frisbee, and I can tell you about how Usain Bolt is faster than gravity, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. What goes up must come down?

I don't understand why people kill other people. Like seriously, I can understand really, REALLY disliking someone, but going so far as to end their life? That person has made more memories than we'll ever know, they've done things we can't possibly imagine, and they have family, friends, and countless other people who will be influenced by their death. 

I don't always understand why people die. I think of the car accident that I saw last week...two wonderful people died in just an instant. And we just drove by and continued our own lives. There may not have been a good reason we can see for why they had to die. Maybe they were just so awesome that the world couldn't handle them.

On a lighter note, I don't understand mathematics.

I don't understand guys. Duh, I'm a teenaged girl, naturally I'm interested in guys and my friends being interested in guys - it's a bunch of drama, and it's fun, and it's confusing. It's so cool to see how the girls band really is just like a big girls vs. guys in the end. 

I don't understand why I can't always catch the Frisbee. I've lost many hours of sleep over this. It's frustrating, y'all.

So now you know some of the things that I don't understand (hopefully it'll help you understand me a little better) The list goes on to be CRAZY long, but I'm not worried about it, cuz I know that God understands everything and He's got a plan for me and everyone else. I don't have to understand everything, cuz quite honestly I like trusting Him better. :)

Wednesday, January 23

On having sick friends

The Lees have been sick for about two and a half weeks. 
It's gotten so incredibly out of hand that I need to do a post about it, just cuz I love them and miss them and there's not a lot else I can do about it, so hey, this is something.

Why it stinks that they're sick

1. I miss Allie. (my best friend!!)
2. I miss Andrew. (Mr. Binkie)
3. I miss Daniel. (Dannyman!)
4. I miss Emily. (my sweetie <3)
5. I miss Mr. and Mrs. Lee. (all of those earlier whackos' parents, and my PE and biology teachers)
6. They're all miserable.
7. We're all miserable without them.

Why they need to get better

1. We all seriously miss our PE leader.
2. We all seriously miss Allie and Andrew in our Ultimate Frisbee games.
3. I miss my hugs from Dannyman and my sweetie! <3
4. We all HATE you guys being miserable!
5. It's just been too long.
6. I've been acting kind of like...normal without having Allie around...and that's just not right.
7. We still have one more week of Ultimate Frisbee!
8. My birthday is coming and if you're not better by then I just might cry!

The ONE reason it's good that they're sick

1. We have excuses to dote on them and show them how much we care!! <33

Please get better soon guys! I love you and miss you all soo much!

Thursday, January 17

Water droplets

We've had a lot of liquid sunshine here in Pensacola lately.
So I've whipped out my wonderful little Camera That Could Take Pretty Legit Macro Shots After All and I've been out there, braving the wind and the rain, battling the elements in incredibly dangerous terrain...
In other words, I went out in my backyard and took some pictures for you all.
Enjoy. :)

In which I do a funny

Okay guys, once again I have been gone for a while. I have really meant to be on here more and I've actually thought of some wonderful ideas for blog posts...but I forgot them all. So here we are, and I'm writing about nothing in particular. So I suppose I'll get you caught up on my life and what I've been doing that's keeping me away from you all!
First and foremost is school. I've found high school to be kind of a wake-up call for me. For the first ten years of my schooling, I was used to being able to breeze through my classes, and now that I'm in high school I finally have discovered something : school is hard.
Yeah, big surprise, right?
But I have been very busy with school, mainly my math and literature classes. I'm currently finishing up Algebra I so I can continue with geometry, my main math course this semester. The plan is to get algebra finished so I can take the SAT/PSAT in the near future. I'm also hoping to take the PERT so I can dual enroll at Pensacola State this fall, and possibly summer. (Me doing school over the summer - yeah, right.)
Literature is really fun! I'm seriously enjoying this class, but there's a lot of work. Currently I'm studying for the midterm, which we take tomorrow...kinda nervous, but mostly excited!! I love tests...
Literature is also quite a load because I inherited my dad's procrastination, so it is not a rare occurrence for me to have quite a lot of catch-up reading to do the day before co-op.
Secondly, marshmallows and sugar have been keeping me away from here.
In other words, my peeps. (like the candy...get it???) xD
I just did a funny.
But yes, I've been quite busy doing stuff with my friends! Not complaining here, just explaining! ;) Most of you reading this I've seen recently anywho, so it's unlikely that you missed my blogging presence much!
Thirdly, music has been keeping me away.
Last and least, really...I just needed three excuses because...well, three is a magic number!
I really haven't been kept away from blogging by music, I just wanted to catch y'all up on me!
I won two awards this winter. Yay.
I have a performance coming up in February where I am privileged to accompany my friend and amazing musician Tyler, and then I have a scholarship competition, and then I have a sonata competition, and then another scholarship competition, and then a concerto competition, and then another scholarship competition. And then I think I'm done. Mebbe...
Also I'm performing this Saturday, which I just I should probably practice for that.
If I was being honest, I think playing Modern Warfare has kept me away from blogging more than music has, but hey, I have a reputation to uphold, don't I?
So that's been my life as of late!
In other news, twenty days until my birthday! Which also means twenty days until I can drive (legally)!!!
Just wanted to scare you all a little. ;)

Wednesday, January 9

Photo dump

Here are a few pictures I've taken recently!
I really like my new camera....
Okay, I'll be honest.
It's a LOT of pictures...
Ooh, goodie....leaves...

Those birdhouses are good memories for me...Grandpa and I made them together. :)

This really made me think of you Johnsons. <3

I am constantly amazed at the cool pictures you can get even with a little camera like mine.
I'd like to call this one "The Little Camera That Could Take Cool Macro Shots After All"

Yay me. If I'd caught pneumonia I'd have had nobody to blame but myself, going out in the rain like I done.

Being cool and taking pictures of water droplets

The water fogged my lens, but I thought it was kind of a neat effect...what do you guys think of it?

I really really like this picture...I think I shall draw/paint it for the art show this year.


Um, Dad? You're blocking my shot....Dad...
Never mind.

If you're in my World Lit class, enjoy this teeny weeny sneak peek at my essay.

Sound advice

And another sneak!

 I hope looking at all of those didn't kill you. I'm sorry I was so behind on posting my photos. :)

Monday, January 7

On ice cream

I currently want ice cream.
Ice cream is so wonderful that honestly, I think it warrants a blog post all its own.
And who better to write that blog post than me? I can't really think of anything that specifically qualifies me for this job, but let's not worry about tiny details such as those.
What makes ice cream so amazing?
It's sweet, creamy, bad for you...need I go on?
One of my pet peeves, however, is when I get this question.

"What's your favorite ice cream flavor?"

How is one even supposed to respond to this?

"Um...all of them?"

Who cares, ice cream is amazing and I shall educate you about it.

Fun Facts About Ice Cream

The average dairy cow can produce enough milk in her lifetime to make over 9000 gallons of ice cream. (That's one busy cow)
July is National Ice Cream Month. (Why was I not aware of this before?)
Vanilla is the number one selling ice cream flavor. (Clearly people like boring)
12 pounds of milk makes one gallon of ice cream. (Wut...)
It is believed that the Chinese invented ice cream sometime in something or other BC.

(Fun fact about me, if you want to be as smart as me, use the Google.)

Sooo guys...what's your favorite ice cream flavor?


Hello, my loyal followers whom I love dearly!

Today marks the start of a new chapter for my blog, for today I made a Facebook page for my darling baby!

My little baby blog is growing up! <3
I think I should be able to soon.
This first week of the year has been crazy, and then I got sick (I'm now getting over it) 
I'm getting better and things are calming down somewhat now, therefore I should be able to talk to you all more.
I've missed you. Really.

On quiet

I've been a little quiet lately, not only in the world of blogging but in real life as well.
Yes, I still have my normal, bubbly personality! (I think I would scare people if I didn't)
Yes, I'm still loud sometimes! (Cuz it's fun!)
Yes, I still love having fun and being a nutball! (Tis who I am, after all)
Yes, I still played Just Dance like a crazy person with my best friend. (It was What Makes You Beautiful, fools, of COURSE I was enthusiastic!!!!)
However, I have felt less like sharing lately.
And I don't mean sharing my ice cream. Cuz I never feel like sharing that. I love you and all, but come on. It's ice cream, yo.
I mean that I haven't felt like posting every teeny, intimate, disgusting detail of mine and my family and friends' lives (and drama), no matter how indirectly I may come at it and no matter whether anyone even knows what I really mean when I post vague things.
I hope you all will understand, I have other things on my mind.

There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not aloud.
         - Carol Shields

Hey you peeps!

Sooo, I finally gave in to temptation.

My blog is pink.

Wednesday, January 2

Happy 2013!

2012 was a good year. I think I can say it's the best year that I remember!
A great part of what made this year so amazing for me was you guys, my friends, family, and loyal followers.
So thank you! I love you all!
I look forward to spending 2013 with all of you. I know there will be some changes, specifically some that I am not looking forward to...but I'll take it all in stride and carry on.
I really do hope everyone has a wonderful new year!

Also, there are like, legit blog posts on the way, so never fear. :D