Tuesday, January 29

Remembering Sara

Today is my cousin Sara's birthday. It's her Sweet 16! Special day, right?
She would be so gorgeous, with her china doll complexion and sparkling, mischievous eyes.
She would be so sweet - but she would know how to keep her brothers in check!
She would be her mama's helper and her daddy's girl!
All the boys would be falling over themselves to be the one she's got her eye on - if they could get through her daddy, that is.
Her love for God would shine through in everything she does. God truly made something special when he created Sara.
Which I guess is why she's celebrating with Jesus today.
I miss her so much...last night I was thinking about what it would be like if she was still here. She wasn't just my cousin, she was my best friend. I remember all the letters and pictures we sent back and forth, talking about all our important matters of business, sending each other carefully colored hearts, and in her case, diagrams of the solar system.
I remember us pretending to dive off the side of a bridge into a little creek in North Carolina, and I remember that she didn't recognize me after I had gotten a haircut.
What would she think of all of my teenage dramas?
How many secrets, tears, prayers, and giggles would we have shared?
I miss her, and it's wrong that she's not here, but one day I'll have plenty of time to catch up with her.
Happy birthday Sara! <3


  1. Wow, that's so sad! :'( I'm sorry you're missing her, but I'm glad she's in a much better place. <3

  2. This is a very sweet post. She sounds like a very lovely person to have met! Maybe one day you can introduce her to me. :)