Monday, March 18

Dealing with Dudes

In order for this post to be appreciated to its maximum capacity, there's a few things I should make sure you all know about me first.
1. I'm homeschooled.
2. We go to a homeschool co-op with a bunch of other homeschool families.
3. I like to be in charge of everything.
4. I am kind of a stickler for spelling and good handwriting.

I'm taking a world literature class at co-op this year and currently we're reading The Count of Monte Cristo. (An excellent book, by the way) Our teacher assigned us a project where we have to either defend or prosecute the main character. There are about twelve or so kids in the class, so we had to divide into teams. And I got a team full of guys.
Don't get me wrong, I love them and all, but goodness...this project is going to be a test of my patience (which is limited). So here are some lessons learned from my literature group thus far.

When dealing with dudes, you must NEVER...

NEVER EVER mention bacon. Or meatloaf. Or cheeseburgers. They will never shut up about it.
NEVER EVER let them write stuff down. Unless you are different from me and can abide abominable spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and handwriting.
NEVER EVER allow yourself to be the only girl on a team of guys. 

When dealing with dudes, you must ALWAYS...

ALWAYS manage to sneakily be the boss. (Although I know I'm the boss of all those boys anyway.)
ALWAYS throw an elbow once in a while to keep them in check.
ALWAYS stand up or sit on your knees or something so you're bigger than they are. It earns you instant respect.

Stuff I will never understand when dealing with dudes...

They like to argue. About everything. And if you're not currently arguing about anything, they will create something to argue about.
Pretty much everything about them actually. This is going to be an interesting project.

It's a good thing that I'm friends with all of my teammates, cuz otherwise someone might get hurt.


  1. Haha, that's funny. :) Now I know so much about guys!

    1. Mmmm, right, cuz I'm such an expert... ;)

    2. Yep! Now you are!! ;)) If I know everything, then you are the expert on all things guys... ;D

  2. Ha, I can't agree with you more! Sounds like you keep 'em in line though... ;)

    Oh, and wait till you see the movie "Count of Monte Cristo"!!! :D :D I LOVE THAT MOVIE...

  3. Nice generalization there. I'm a guy and yet I don't care much for bacon or cheeseburgers, and I have relatively decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I also hate arguing. I've pretty much only ever done it with one person, but she always started it over basically nothing, and we were practically like a married couple. xD

    But anywho, I personally don't understand guys, either. Nor do I understand girls, but that's part of what makes life so beautiful. No one makes any sense and I just want to talk to and be friends with everyone and figure out what they're all about. Although some guys are often VERY boring to talk to, because they'll just talk about football and Call of Duty and other boring things.

    I'll give you one thing, though. Girls, despite not making any sense, do make more sense than guys.

  4. Since, I'm a guy I feel I must defend our honor. So, to begin with we don't all have abominable spelling, capitalization or punctuation skills I can't say anything about handwriting I will admit that mine is atrocious. Elbowing doesn't necessarily or really at all keep us in check, and appear larger then us doesn't work either. Otherwise that was true-ish.

    1. Andrew-first you are an exeptional guy (you're the exception to the rules. nothing more, nothing less.)because you have parents who make sure you....aren't rude. ok. next Meredith was refuring to a few guys who, yes like to argue, yes like to talk about food, and YES HAVE BAD HANDWRITING, ECT! And if elbowing and intimidation don't work, why did they?

    2. Generally when trying to convince me of your grammatical skills, you should exhibit proper grammatical skills.
      Just sayin.

  5. You two guys DO realize that by negating basicly everything Meredith said you are arguing....just thought i'd point that out. Meredith- omigoodness!! You're sooo funny. ~lizbeth :) PS. I like to argue :D

    1. I took it as the "quarreling" kind of arguing, since many people don't use logic and reason in an argument. They just resort to name calling and insults. xD But yes, the comments from me and Andrew would be considered arguments.

      But anyway, everyone is a unique snowflake. Any individual may or may not be intimidated by Meredith's obvious superiority, and may or may not do any of those other things. I'm gonna go eat soup. >:O

    2. Nick you're so random you're funny! XD

  6. Umm, guys?
    I was grossly exaggerating and making sweeping generalizations for humor's sake...

    1. I'm sure everyone knew that, considering this is *Meredith's* post, but what's the fun of commenting and not playing along?