Wednesday, March 6

On musical nerdship

I think that generally I would be classified as a music nerd. After ten years of piano lessons, the last few of which have been with the most amazing teacher I could have, music has become a huge part of my life. Honestly until I had to go without it for a few days I didn't really realize how important it is to me.
I don't like to practice the piano very much, as you probably know, and those of you who do know me probably could guess that. 
I have attention deficit hyperactivity dis - OOH SHINY!!
But I actually missed practicing when I didn't have a piano at my disposal 24/7.
So yeah. But let's see if you too are a music nerd.

  1. If you know the proper way to pronounce Chopin's name.
  2. If you can name more than five composers besides Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach without batting an eye.
  3. If one of your favorite games is Guess the Composer.
  4. If you know that one does not simply leave a piano unplayed.
  5. If you hear wrong notes in Sviatoslav Teofilovich Richter's performance of Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto.
  6. If you've ever heard of Shostakovich, Scarlatti, Cimarosa, Kabalevsky, or MacDowell.
  7. If you practice chromatic scales just because they're fun.
  8. If you recognize the importance of warming up before performing.
  9. If you can tell that a piano is out of tune.
  10. If you like to guess what note random sounds you hear are hitting.
  11. If you know that Beethoven was considered the last composer of the Classical era and the first composer of the Romantic era.
  12. If you know NEVER to clap in between movements.
  13. If you're nodding your head and smiling right now, you might be a music nerd.
If you too are a music nerd, hold your head up high and be proud.

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