Thursday, March 21

A birthday story

Once upon a time there were two girls. They were very good friends, and they liked to laugh and tease each other and talk. The girls were together with their friends for classes one day. The church where they met was surrounded by mysterious woods which begged to be explored. The girls knew that it would be a very bad idea to go in the woods, and they never did. But one day, the girls were tired of not being able to talk just the two of them. Wherever they went, people would follow them. They needed to be off by themselves so they could talk. The first little girl suggested that they go into the woods. The second little girl agreed. And so, despite their better judgment, the two girls started into the woods. They discovered what looked to be a rotted out old chair, probably devoured long ago by termites and raccoons. They continued on through the woods, stepping barefoot over moss and leaves. The girls avoided broken glass and thorns, wasps and spider webs, simply being happy of their opportunity to talk without worry of disruption. Unfortunately, the girls forgot that the adults in charge of them would be very worried that they could not be found. The two girls ventured back around to where the other children were playing in the sunshine. They spotted a very worried mother advancing towards them and walked as a pair condemned. The mother lectured them briefly and put the two girls in timeout together to think about what they'd done. The two girls are very sorry today for what they did, although they don't regret the memory that they made together.

Happy birthday, Bria! Thank you for sticking with me in timeout, and everything else! <3


  1. Aw, how sweet. :) What a cute story!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Bria Ashley! ;)21/3/13 12:16 PM

    I was on the verge of crying but laughing to hard the tears didn't stand a chance!! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!! <3 You are the bestest timeout buddy in the whole wide world!! . . . I heard there was a sequel to this story entitled, "Did They Stay in Timeout?? They Did Not! And Yes! They Went Back to Timeout!" ;D You are the best!!

  3. Since when do raccoons devour chairs?

  4. I suuuure had a feeling this was a true story...and a very cute one at that! ;D