Wednesday, November 28

A Story by Geoffrey

Roger never spoke with punctuation.
Makin’ a sandwich?”
What kind?”
Human pancreas”
Not much to say to that. Pliny crossed the room to their imperious sofa and jackknifed backwards into its pompous folds, spreading his arms companionably over the couch back and whistling loud and hearty.
Do not” Roger turned from his nascent sandwich and used flamethrower eyes on Pliny. Pliny raised his eyebrows and the pitch of his whistling.
Roger left the kitchen, crossed the room to Pliny and threatened him with a mayonnaisey spatula. “Stop yourself and your whistling or I will stop yourself and your whistling and then of our faces yours will be the more shredded”
Pliny furrowed his forehead, which suddenly felt imperiled. “Mr Kapt took from me my badge,” feeling in the sofa for a pen, “so I must lift my spirit from the muds somehow.” He removed an encruddened pen.
Roger felt pity but didn’t recognize it. So he chose rather to be witty. “Maybe the muds would be a better place for your whistling than for your spirit”
Pliny did not like Roger’s wit. “I think the muds should be removed from the picture entirely and replaced by properly fertilized potting soil, wherein could grow the velvety velvet blooms of opportunity and joyings.” He waved his excavated pen around.
Pliny got very boring to Roger when he said things like this, so Roger returned to his sandwich while Pliny was still speaking. He had been trying to cut the sandwich lengthwise, holding it up on its end and sawing at it with the spatula, but he now saw what he had to do. He got out a sharper knife, impaled the sandwich through the center, and walked over to the sofa. He stabbed the ensemble into the couch near Pliny, and mayo squished sickeningly. Pliny recoiled, violently spasming over one arm of the sofa.
My spirit nearly departed me!” he yelled at the sandwich-knife. Then he turned on Roger. “EXPLAIN?”
I wondered if that would raise your spirit from the muds wherein it is beprisoned”
NO.” Pliny reclaimed his bum’s own and resettled in the sofa. He tried to remove Roger’s sandwich-knife, which the sofa refused to give up. So Pliny gave up. “Anyway, now to talk about: me.”
Roger bespoke his disapproval without words; Pliny did not hear the words that Roger did not say.
Mr Kapt has little Consideration for Those Beneath Him,” began Pliny, prepared to continue for hours, “and those beneath him have little consideration for him. So my opinion is: that we should replace all positions of authority in the organ-I-zation” (That’s the nominative case of the first-person pronoun in there, which speaks eloquently of Pliny.) “with positions of impotence and leave ourselves to our own demises.”
I agree completely Pliny” Roger’s wit made him feel more intelligent than Pliny. This is why he exercised it so often.
Furtherfore, I don’t know why there are so many small departments in our large company. It seems unto myself that a large company should have somewhat large departments, in order to preserve its prosthetic unitication.”
It was about at this point that Roger realized Pliny had no idea what Pliny was saying. He tried to guide Pliny back to the narrow path which Roger perceived that Pliny had left. “Should a small mind be paired with a small mouth because that would be very pleasing and convenient to others”
Pliny thought about this, but not very hard and not very long. “Yessolutely.”
It was about at this point that Roger realized Pliny had no idea what Roger was saying. So he stole his sandwich back from the couch and began to eat. Pliny finally heard Roger’s unsaid words; he unsaid a few of his own.
I need company in the muds, Pliny thought to himself; it is lonely here. So I will attempt to submerge Roger also, and then it will be equally bad for each of us therefore I will be less relatiftly unglad.
Pliny began to be friendlier than normal. “Hello, Roger,” he said friendlily.
Roger looked at him, annoyed. “You have been here for several minutes Pliny that hello was massively superfluous”
Pliny was disappointed. His deceptive friendliness had not really deceived at all. “Well, I had not yet greeted you, and I wished to comedy that situation.”
You cannot help doing that Pliny” Roger realized that he greatly preferred the company of his sandwich to that of Pliny, especially this new and eerily friendly one.
Why, thank you, Roger!” Pliny exclaimed loudly. “How KIND OF YOU!”
Roger stared for a few seconds at Pliny, who smiled gleefully. Roger frowned very hard and got up to leave with his sandwich.
Well, this is a tragedy!” said Pliny, pretending to be saddened by Roger’s departure. “We had just started having such a debilitating time!”
Exhilarating is I believe your intended term and we really had not” Roger obviously wished to leave with his sandwich.
Well, exhilarating is futile without inhilarating—and both are necessary to physical life’s continuity,” declaimed Pliny, kindly attempting to chat about something he knew nothing of. He also made a point of ignoring Roger’s idiotic slip of the tongue: Roger made them all the time, and Pliny had grown acrustomed to them.
Ex or in”— Roger sounded tired— “hilarity will follow you wherever you go” He again began to walk toward the kitchen.
It is being successful, Pliny said to himself, he is starting to trust me. He remarked on and was impressed by my melisma! Soon I can befray his trust and catapult him headlong into the deepest towels of the muds—ha, ha, ha.

Monday, November 26

What would I do without my giggle buddy? ;)

Tuesday, November 20

Yes...yes, I'm there. :)

Saturday, November 17

Prayer Warriors

Am I a prayer warrior?
This is something that's been on my mind a lot lately...
What does it mean, anyway? Well, you don't have to agree with me, but I thought I would give my thoughts.
These are what I think are the characteristics of a prayer warrior.

1. Trusts God in the big and small things.
2. Is not ashamed to pray in public.
3. Is not too shy to ask for prayer or tell people they're praying for them.

Of course there's more but I'd like to cover these few things in greater detail than I could with lots of topics. :)
Trusting God...this is so easy to say but hard to really do. And I don't know if I'll ever fully understand the depth of how greatly we can trust God...He literally could kill me whenever He wanted. I guess the realization of that is what creates fear of the Lord...which by the way, I don't think means being scared of God. It means realizing exactly what He could do to you and knowing that He doesn't because He loves you. 
But back to trust...I've been learning about this really in the past week. There are so many terrible things happening in our lifetime...and we need to pray about those. But what I've found has really been helping me to trust God in my life is praying for the small things. Even seemingly insignificant things - finding a lost pair of keys, getting a parking spot, having a good piano lesson - praying about stuff like that and seeing God answer it right before me is so awesome (and I mean that in the strictest sense of the word) Seriously, try it! I challenge you - see what happens! God will show Himself to you if you ask Him. :)
Praying in, this can be hard. I know that I get so caught up in the mob mentality that it's very hard to be the only one praying...BUT YOU CAN CHANGE IT! I know that I have a tendency to forget to pray over meals and such when I'm out with friends, but if I see someone else doing it, I'll remember! Be the one who reminds everyone else! We're not supposed to blend in, we're supposed to stand out from the world : in it but not of it.
Lastly, if you're praying for someone, tell them! It could be exactly the encouragement they need! You never know what people are going through... :/ And asking for prayer is totally the norm among Christians. If you are ashamed to ask your Christian friends for prayer, you should maybe do some thinking about your own spiritual life (and I'm no expert...this is just my personal experience) Ephesians 6:18 - Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; (KJV)
I challenge you to think about this.
I challenge you to be unashamed.
I challenge you to pray.

Thursday, November 15

How well do you know me?

I've done this before, but I think it'll be fun to do it again...

And no mothers, fathers, brothers, or siblings. Thank you, and enjoy!

1. Where was I born?
2. What is my absolute favoritest candy?
3. Do I drink coffee?
4. What is my favorite color?
5. Am I loud or quiet?
6. What instrument do I play? (besides piano...and actually there are two)
7. What kind of dog do I have?
8. What color are my bedroom walls?
9. What is my favorite subject in school?
10. How many siblings do I have?

0-2 correct : we're basically strangers.
3-5 correct : acquaintances
6-8 correct : FRIENDS!! <3
9-10 correct : BESTEST FRIENDS!!! <3 <3

Wait for it...wait for it...wai - BAM!

We switched sports at PE again, and you all know what that means - BLOG POST!
This month we're playing kickball. 
I'll be completely honest and say that I think kickball is a juvenile sport.
So yeah, I love it.
Anyways, even though I am by no means a perfect kickballer, and really not even very good, here's some things that I have learned in my many years of playing kickball. (Don't laugh, I've been at it since I was nine.)

Just because you were the best kickballer in the 8-12 year old group does NOT mean you will be ANY good in the teenagers group. 
Sorry, this really can't be helped. I was pretty much a kickball legend at PE when I was younger. Turns out, it's easier to be a legend when you're at the top of your group than the bottom. When I first started playing in the teens group, it was a smack in the face. I was probably the worst kickballer there. Which, when you have such a big group, is saying something. Fortunately, over, I have gotten better, and I'm not the worst anymore. Just wait - it'll probably all come out okay.

Harder is not always better.
Kickball might seem easy. You kick the ball when it rolls to you and you run.
But no. Kickball is actually a game of strategy, to some extent. (most games are) Oftentimes when you kick the ball as hard as you can, all it will do is fly up...and yes, it may go far, and yes, sometimes it will work out okay. But there's a good chance that you will be caught out. So look for a hole in the outfield's defense and aim for it.

Pay attention.
Please please getting hit in the face, or tackled, or yelled at for missing a ball, or getting out cuz you forgot to run...please.

Catch the ball.
This is the best way to catch a kickball.
Don't try to grab the ball...your chances of getting the ball in your possession are greatly decreased with this attempt.
Also, remember that it's easier to run forward than backward. Back up maybe a little farther than is completely necessary, because you never know how someone will kick.
And play backup. Don't always be leaving your position, but if it's a particularly hard catch and you don't know the person will get it, run over behind them just to be sure. Better safe than sorry. :)
(Also, this is my 300th post! Yay! *streamers, confetti, lame party sounds* Okay, I'm done.)

Wednesday, November 14

So, all you people whom I know personally (which is pretty much ALL of you...),
You should really go check out Andrew's blog! Both of us would really appreciate it! <3
(And yes, it has fire, yes, it's a little scary and pretty much the complete opposite of my blog...but seriously, go follow him!)
Looking at my Tumblr always makes me smile like an idiot. :)
Happy birthday Cameron!
You are one of the most stubborn, annoying people I know.
But you're also one of the sweetest...and you're the best little brother I've ever had!
Keep doing your thing, except maybe annoy me a little less...have a wonderful birthday little brother! <3

Monday, November 12

Le Change

I'm only fourteen...I don't leave my town very often. There's not much I can do to "change the world", so to speak.
But I can change other people's worlds, and that's what I try to do. A smile, a hug, a prayer, a little gift when they don't expect it, even a quick "Hey, I was thinking of you the other day." Things like that can make a bigger difference than you might expect. And I suppose that if I can change their world, they might change someone else's world because of my actions.
I'm only fourteen...I don't leave my town very often. I may not be able to change the world, but I can change other people's worlds.  

Being tired

There are lots of different types of tiredness.
Because our lives are incredibly busy (typical homeschool stuff),  I am frequently pooped. So here are my thoughts on the many ways you can be plum tuckered out.

In case you are interested, currently I have to say that the last form applies best to me right now. :)

(Also, I own a copy of Gray's Anatomy - like the medical book...not the TV show. Just wanted to tell you that.)

Physical tiredness - This occurs generally when you have been out and about all day, or have been running around like crazy at a friend's house, or after an exhilarating game of anything. Often when you are physically tired, your muscles may feel weak and possibly sore, and you will rarely have any desire to do anything.

Mental tiredness - This happens most often after a particularly challenging day of schoolwork. Occasionally, this will also happen after taking an important test such as the SAT. When you suffer from mental tiredness, you will probably find it difficult to motivate yourself to do anything but sit and watch TV.

Relieved tiredness - After an important event has taken place, you may find yourself feeling tired, even if you don't feel there is any reason to be so tired. It has been my experience that this happens because you devote yourself to whatever the event is so wholly that when it is over, you feel a sort of emptiness inside. This is one of the most irritating and also one of the best forms, as relieved tiredness will often result in new plans and goals.

I just woke up tiredness - Does this even need an explanation? No, it doesn't. Duh.

I just had the AWESOMEST time tiredness - This is actually a combination of physical, mental, and relieved tiredness. When one has spent nearly six hours with friends, playing, talking, playing, being will experience this. As's impossible to avoid.
(Although I'm not sure it can really be called tiredness. 'Tis a hard feeling to describe!)