Monday, November 12

Being tired

There are lots of different types of tiredness.
Because our lives are incredibly busy (typical homeschool stuff),  I am frequently pooped. So here are my thoughts on the many ways you can be plum tuckered out.

In case you are interested, currently I have to say that the last form applies best to me right now. :)

(Also, I own a copy of Gray's Anatomy - like the medical book...not the TV show. Just wanted to tell you that.)

Physical tiredness - This occurs generally when you have been out and about all day, or have been running around like crazy at a friend's house, or after an exhilarating game of anything. Often when you are physically tired, your muscles may feel weak and possibly sore, and you will rarely have any desire to do anything.

Mental tiredness - This happens most often after a particularly challenging day of schoolwork. Occasionally, this will also happen after taking an important test such as the SAT. When you suffer from mental tiredness, you will probably find it difficult to motivate yourself to do anything but sit and watch TV.

Relieved tiredness - After an important event has taken place, you may find yourself feeling tired, even if you don't feel there is any reason to be so tired. It has been my experience that this happens because you devote yourself to whatever the event is so wholly that when it is over, you feel a sort of emptiness inside. This is one of the most irritating and also one of the best forms, as relieved tiredness will often result in new plans and goals.

I just woke up tiredness - Does this even need an explanation? No, it doesn't. Duh.

I just had the AWESOMEST time tiredness - This is actually a combination of physical, mental, and relieved tiredness. When one has spent nearly six hours with friends, playing, talking, playing, being will experience this. As's impossible to avoid.
(Although I'm not sure it can really be called tiredness. 'Tis a hard feeling to describe!)

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