Wednesday, October 31


This word has caused a very small stir since I've started using it.
Mainly because nobody knows what it means. (including me)
SO leave your comment below on what you think it means, cuz honestly I'm getting a little sick of using a word and I don't even know what it means.

I think it could be used sort of in the same context as "YOLO" only instead of meaning "You only live once" it would just mean like "awesome" or something. Why not just say awesome then? You need a new word every once in a while.
For example, if you do something really stupid and someone asks for an explanation, just say "Changsha!" :D



  2. It can be our secret code word, for shut up;) or in your face;) love ya girlie!!! <3

  3. When I heard you say it, I actually thought of "awesome" or "yeah, that was cool". :) So uh, changsha!

  4. Sarah Me =)5/11/12 9:56 PM

    Hmmm....I would have to agree with Ruth, but I actually can picture people using it to say "in your face!".....personally, I think Joel or Jake would have an excellent idea of a definition for your new word.... ;)

    1. Yep!!! Jake comes up with new and unusual words all the time!

  5. Sarah Me =)6/11/12 2:20 PM

    Jesse thinks the definition should be "whatever"! :)