Tuesday, October 2

What are you shining for?

I enjoy helping out. (usually)
And one of the things our homeschool SGA does is community service. So if I can, I like to volunteer as much as possible!
I think it's important to get out in your community and volunteer...especially for us as an organization of Christian young people...homeschool Christian young people. And when we do go out into the big scary world, it's important for us to have a good testimony. I think we would be surprised and probably startled to find out that people may form their opinions of homeschoolers, of our SGA, and of Christians because of our actions. I know my light is shining for something...but what? Would Jesus be proud of my example?
So I try to act like a normal kid...who likes to work and is respectful of...well, everyone. (that's normal, right?)
It can be hard when you're out doing something with your friends to remember that people are watching you. And it can be kind of creepy to think about it if you do remember it. But when I'm wearing that SGA shirt that proclaims to the whole world, "I'm homeschooled and I am a Christian!" I represent all of SGA, my family, and Christian kids. How scary is that? Anything that I do could be judged and used against me and others like me. Is my light shining for Him or for something else?
I think the point of this post was to say...be careful. Know what you represent. Know that people are watching you. We are supposed to be the light of the world...shine for Jesus.

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  1. Very beautifully said. :) I hope you continue to shine and encourage as I have already seen you do for God and everyone who sees you.