Wednesday, October 31

Dancing Elephants, Politics, and Masks

Today, I saw an elephant in a tutu.
I know, it's only nine in the morning, and already something crazy is happening.
But it is true. (Mom can vouch for me...and SURELY my dual-enrolled friends saw it too)
But not only was the elephant in the tutu real, somehow it related to politics.
Now, I'm no politician, but I know that the elephant represents one of the two main parties...I think the Republicans.
Which makes sense, because there were also two WOMEN out there wearing MITT ROMNEY MASKS.
I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. (Please note that I did not call them "ladies". There is a difference, ladies.)
So there were about five things wrong with this scene...
1. An elephant.
2. The elephant was wearing a STINKING TUTU.
3. There were women wearing Mitt Romney masks.
4. Mitt Romney masks even exist. (seriously, why?)
5. One of the women was checking her phone WHILE holding her sign. (really committed, aren't we?)
I'm pretty sure they could have caused a car accident because you just have to stare at them. It's called "train-wreck syndrome". You know it's going to be awful but you can't tear your eyes away.
So yeah, actually kind of glad I was pulled out of bed at the very last minute at seven o' clock this morning in the cold weather without time to get ready at all or even put on shoes.


  1. You forgot to mention that the elephant was wearing a PINK tutu. Nice contrast against the gray skin.

  2. Sarah Me =)5/11/12 10:00 PM

    Oh, the things you can see at Pensacola State..... ;P