Monday, October 8

What's kickin

This is just a quick update on what's going on in my life, even though most of you are a big part of it and already know these things anyway.

What I'm currently excited about
1. Writing my first essay in my World Lit class, suuuuper stoked! I love writing papers!
2. PE. I love PE so much and it's finally started up again. So pumped! Can't wait for co-ed volleyball! Gonna kick those guys' butts! (Caution : I have mixed feelings about co-ed vball, so you can expect me to come back tomorrow and say I'm dreading it.)
3. Saturdays.
4. My friends!
5. Ultimate Frisbee cuz I'm doing better every time! And I can catch that ridiculous hammer throw!
6. Thanksgiving and Christmas
7. Cooler weather!!!!!

What I'm currently dreading
1. The SAT.
2. Geometry
3. Finding out my Spanish test grade. I really really really want to get the top grade. Like a lot.
4. My piano teacher's studio recital next month. Also the sonata contest next month.
5. Jesse during Ultimate Frisbee. If you are unfortunate enough to have witnessed this, you know what I mean.

What I'm plugging (I don't know what that really means, so I'm just going to list the things I have been loving lately because I don't care)
1. Wearing less makeup. It's boss.
2. Going to the beach when it's cool out.
3. Drinking more water. I'm kind of obsessed with water lately...partially because I have a pink water bottle.
4. Going outside and moving around! This is never ever a bad thing when the weather is so beautiful.
5. Slenderman
6. Drawing in World Lit class....I mean paying attention in World Lit... :)

What I want
1. To get better at everything.
2. The Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms. Peppermint and Pink Punch.
3. To get the highest grade on the Spanish test.
4. To never have to say goodbye.
5. If you've already actually read this far and not gotten bored and left, I love you.
6. Cookies, hot chocolate, and a snuggle buddy. (any volunteers?)


  1. Haha! Loved your post, Meredith. :)

  2. Wow, what an update! And yeah, I know what you mean about Jesse. I think everybody should be scared when we play at PE. :)

  3. I must agree that this was an entertaining post! I even felt so loved when I got to the part you said you loved me! ;)

  4. Yeah, I guess you love a lot of people cause I'm sure everyone read the whole thing! ;)

    You're lucky you live in in CO we recently had snow! O_o (It all melted though.) And it's absolutely FREEZING right now... :-/

  5. The way to not dread the SAT is to prepare for it. (Sorry--couldn't help the "mom comment"!) I'm proud of you for the way you are balancing your life right now. You're fun but still taking time for the things you need to get done.

  6. Sarah Me =)9/10/12 8:19 PM

    Hahaha! I loved reading this post! :D And yeah.....Jesse.... :P But at least you can catch the throw!! =) I am so glad that you love me! ;) And "I VOLUNTEER!!!" (you will NEVER guess what that was from!) ;D