Wednesday, November 20

Randomness is fun - like glitter

Guys. Be warned. This is a post merely for posting's sake and I really have no idea what I'm going to say. It could get ugly.

Maybe we'll pretend I'm important for a while. That will be fun.

Okay, close your eyes and imagine that I'm a famous movie star/author/talk show host/comedian/chef/who even cares honestly. Just imagine that I'm somebody who's somebody instead of being me. All anybody wants to do is know what I'm listening to, watching, etc... Here we go!!

What I'm listening to: The Moldau (from Ma Vlast) by Bedrich Smetana; Christmas music from Charlotte Church, Straight No Chaser, and Josh Groban; and as always, movie soundtracks. Scads of classical music is a given for me.

What I'm watching: The usual Jane Austen era movies like Persuasion (which I watch at least four times a month), Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth or Matthew MacFayden?), Wives and Daughters (Roger is wonderful), etc... We're also watching Sherlock again, yay. I'm a fan of anything that makes me laugh, so I rarely say no to Spongebob. Musicals are nearly always acceptable as well.

Bored yet? Me too. Let's keep going.

What I'm reading: Although I'm really very bad at actually finishing books, I start reading lots, so currently I'm plugging away at The Disappearing Spoon, which is all about chemistry and such, Pride and Prejudice, which I've been reading for like the last three years, and The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. It's written by the same author who did the Mysterious Benedict Society books, which I loved.

But now I have run out of stuff to pretend you all want to know about me. Plus it's lunchtime, and quite frankly, food beats words in my book. (My book must be a cookbook)

Fare thee well, my dear readers.

Wednesday, November 6

I did an adventure...

Those of you who know me pretty well know that I can be a little tentative to try things that I've never experienced before and don't know anything about.
But I kind of did just that a couple weeks ago.
The fair was in town.
And I went, my friends, oh yes, I did.
Now I'll admit, I was a little nervous. The closest thing I'd ever done to going on funky rides and stuff was something like this:
Yeah...I think that's a little more my speed.
Nonetheless, I sucked it up (after all, my friends were there and I have a reputation to uphold, yo) and after popping some Dramamine, I hopped on the first ride, which was pretty much a glorified swingset.
And I loved it.
I could say some sappy stuff about how it felt like I was flying (cuz I kind of was) or how the wind felt delightful in my hair (it was making a mess of it, actually), but honestly, I don't want to. It was just super cool.
I also got to do bumper cars. It was actually my first time operating any sort of motor vehicle other than a bicycle, and I was so tickled that I laughed hysterically the entire time. (Also awesome)
So from then on I pretty much rode every ride I could get on. I also got to watch a gorgimous sunset from about a hundred feet up on this thing.....

It was quite a memorable experience. 
I rode one ride that was supposed to be huge and scary but, uh... wasn't, and also a ride that was supposed to be sort of relaxing but made me fear for my life and scream and cry. (Yes, I screamed and cried and cursed the progeny of some of the ride operators in my terror)
Honestly though, the scariest thing I did at the fair wasn't a ride. It was when I took a visit to the public restrooms.
Now that was frightening and psychologically scarring.
I rode a lot of awesome rides, ate some yummy food, saw some funny looking animals, and mostly just enjoyed spending time with good friends.

So let's just say that the fair was a good adventure, and I think I'd rather like to go again next year.