Saturday, December 22

I'm typing in a really random and off the wall title just to see if anyone even notices. If you did, congratulations! You win nothing at all! And seeing as it's going to be crazy long compared to all of my other titles I feel confident that everyone will. Drop a comment below if you noticed! :)

Dear readers,
I am very sorry for my unexcused absence over the last week.
My life has been crazy nutso busy. SO! Some interesting things I have learned this month!

1. The world is full of creepy people. Thankfully I always run into them with my friends. :)
2. The VAST majority of people are decidedly not creepy. Be friendly. But be careful, cuz I love you and I don't want you getting hurt...
3. Starbucks is amazing....but the Drowsy Poet is better.
4. Being decorated like a Christmas tree isn't all that bad.
5. You can fit more people in one mini-van than you might think. Note that I did not say it would be comfortable/legal/safe/any of that good stuff.
6. I love Reese's.
7. Be careful when posting vague status updates on Facebook. You can scare your friends and family.
8. Santa is not real. :(
9. Tumblr is seriously addicting. Dangerously so.
10. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is one of my favorite pieces of music ever ever.
11. Never EVER say, "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can hold it!" when there's a bathroom available. Always go pee when you have a chance.
12. If your hands are turning purple, take a break from handing out water.
13. Homeschoolers can have fun with nothing but wooden spoons and taco shells.
14. Spanish Gru is ridiculously annoying.
15. Sarah J. draws excellent mashed potatoes.
16. Sometimes when you volunteer, you get free beanie babies.
17. Pensacola has some of the weirdest weather in the planet. Seventy degrees one day, thirty the next. Wut...
18. I have the best friends in the world. Yes, you. You too. Stop blushing!

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post over the rest of break...but I do hope that in the spirit of the season you can find it in your hearts to forgive me! <3
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 13

Wednesday, December 12

On swag bro

So you think you've got swag?
Indeed...people like to get all up in my face with t-shirts, bracelets, and hats telling me all about their swag.
Which is fine, of course...but I must ask :
Do you even know what that means or where it came from?
Since obviously you DON'T, please allow me to educate your face.

Definition of Swag
An ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery: "ribbon-tied swags of flowers".
Arrange in or decorate with a swag or swags of fabric.

Let me get this've got an ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery? each his own, I suppose.
What's that you say? Swag is but an abbreviation of a more appropriate term - swagger?

Definition of Swagger
Walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way: "he swaggered along the corridor".
A very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner.
Denoting a coat or jacket cut with a loose flare from the shoulders.

(Thank you, Google)

Seriously? You want to be "arrogant" and "aggressive"?
Since I assume that when you tell me you've got swag, you are not referring to your jacket, I must believe that you wish to be arrogant and aggressive.
Now comes the fun part.
I have heard several things about when the word "swag" came into use these days, and I have decided to ignore all of them.
I don't care how it came about. It's awesome because William Shakespeare invented it.
Yes, Shakespeare made up the word swagger, along with over 1700 other words.
And my dear readers, I must say it.
Yes, I got swag.
Shakespeare swag.
I'm actually kind of upset at this...nobody remembered that my favorite candy is Swedish fish!! :'(
It's only my most favoritest candy ever on the whole planet!!!
However, most if not all of you did know that my favorite color is pink, which is good since I only talk about it all the time. It's nice to know that people listen to my bloviations. <3

Monday, December 10

On Talking

Have you ever thought about how awesome communication is?
I don't mean email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Storylane, iPhones, Facetime, Skype, Oovoo, Instagram, Flickr, and Google+ either.
No, I speak of the old-fashioned method.
I don't mean telephones, letters, telegraphs, or the Pony Express either.
I mean the OLD-fashioned method.
I'm talking about talking.
It's one of those MONDO blessings that God has given us that we take for granted. The ability to express our thoughts and feelings to other human beings and to receive such expressions of their feelings is truly amazing!
And don't ya know, there's one very interesting thing about talking. And that thing is WE ARE EXTREMELY UNORIGINAL.
Of course, we can't be completely blamed, considering that the English language itself takes many if not most of its words from other languages.
But the people we hang out with also affect our speech.
I know I've picked up some sayings from my friends, as have they from me. (that's not really proper grammar there but it sounded funny!!)
There are some things that my friends say that I just intentionally start doing, because my friends are awesome and I want to be just like them when I grow up. All of them at once.
Examples : YOLO, like a boss
And then there are the things I start saying unintentionally solely because I hang out with people so much.
Examples : calling people "love", "darling", etc... (which was a bad habit to get into, a fact a certain random UPS guy I encountered one day can attest to), calling my guy friends "son"
And then there are the things that I intentionally DON'T say because I think they're dumb, or stupid, or inappropriate, or just for the principle of the thing.
Examples : donesow (just typing that made me want to facepalm), fail, EPIC fail, BLONDE JOKES IN GENERAL
By the way, did anybody else notice a trend in the last category there? Just me? Okay...
I have picked up a LOT of stuff from other people, and probably more than I can remember because I've been saying it so long that I now think that it's a part of my own vocabulary.
What words/sayings have you picked up?
I pity anyone who has gleaned  any of their everyday vocabulary from my interesting terminology.

Monday, December 3

Just clicked over to my blog.

Me: I wonder if I have twelve thousand pageviews yet?
Thing: 12,001

Winter decorating is done!
On my blog, anyway....

The answer to your questions

Things are happening lately. Lots of things.
Growing up things.
Some stuff I like, some stuff I don't like.
And I can't do anything about it.
We're growing up, people.
People are graduating and going to college, girls and guys are pairing off, and I think one word can sum up this whole sticky situation.

Some of the questions I like:

What will I do this weekend?
I like this one because it implies that I have friends and a social life.
Really it just means will I clean or will I sit on the couch all day.

When is the time to study and when is the time to play?
Time to study : night before test.
Time to play : anytime else.

Where will I go to college?
This one is fun because you can torment your friends and make them think you're leaving when really you plan to go to college here in town, if you go to college.
Only now that might not work so well...

Who will I marry?
Duh. I'm a girl. This is fun. Duh.

Who will my friends marry?
Duh. I'm a girl. I have friends. We like to tease. We also like guys. Duh.
(any of my guy friends who are reading this - despite the fact that I don't think any of you DO read this - don't worry, we mostly leave you alone)

But for every good there is an evil to counteract...

Some of the questions I do not like:

Who will I be friends with?
I want to be friends with everyone. Really. But I'm supposed to hang out with people who are going to build me up and not tear me down. People who encourage, enlighten, and edify me. And that means that sometimes I have to make decisions I don't want to make. 

Why do I have to say goodbye?
People leave, people die, people move's hard to accept. I like things to be constant, but that's not the way God designed things. If there were any person or thing that was truly constant, we wouldn't need to rely on God - He is the only one who will be perfectly constant.

Where will I go to college?
Big decisions, people.
Once in a lifetime decisions.

It's hard. I don't like questions (unless they're on tests...I love tests) But I'm surrounded by people who love me and want the best for me, and I have a God who loves me and gives me direction and wisdom; in fact, He gives my life purpose. 
As scary as growing up is at times, I really don't think I have anything to worry about.