Wednesday, April 24

High Heels

I own one pair of high heels. And I have kind of a love-hate relationship with them.
I love them because this particular pair is sparkly and shiny and zebra print.
I hate them because they make me look like a giant compared to lots of people. I'm five foot eight normally, so I grow to the unbelievable five foot ten (or so) when I wear my belovedreaded shoes.
But mostly I love them. I'll randomly put them on during the day and just admire my beauties. 

So despite the fact that I know that heels are bad for your legs, ankles, feet, and all kinds of other things, I will continue to wear mine, and probably purchase more pairs throughout the year. I like my high heels.

Tuesday, April 23

I have issues

I was signing up for camp earlier and one of the things I had to fill in was this section.

"Does the camper have any emotional or behavioral issues?"

Oh yes, I have many, many emotional and behavioral issues. I will list just the most potentially dangerous ones here for sake of time - I know you have a lot of applications to go through.
For starters, sometimes I truly believe that I am a tree. I like to stand perfectly still in one spot and feel my branches and leaves blow in the wind. Sometimes I grow to twenty times my normal size and turn green when I get angry. I always run with scissors. I go ballistic whenever I hear the word "milkshake". Occasionally I will curl up into a fetal position and not move until I have recited the entire dictionary inside my head. I suffer from blennophobia, phobophobia, consecotaleophobia, and I am a kleptomaniac. There are many more things I feel I should list, but I have run out of room on the application.

Yep. I'm really excited to go to camp. x)

Monday, April 22

I'm going to pretend you guys want to know about my life

I have been a terrible person.
Or rather, a terrible blog owner.
I'M SORRY!!!!!

Anyway. I just wanted to tell you guys a few things.
1. I'M GOING TO CAMP THIS SUMMER!!!! I am SO excited! Camp was one of the best things that I've ever done, and I can't wait to get back. I met some of the most amazing people and learned such important lessons. (Like that the potatoes at the Four Winds taste better with ketchup.)
2. I finished the huge literature project that has been consuming my whole life lately. Consequently, I should have more time (not to mention brainpower) to blog now! I've really missed being on here, but I really haven't been able to think of anything to say. I even sat down to write a post a few times and just couldn't.
3. I haven't been running as much lately. In fact, it's been almost two weeks since I've really run. I have like two reasons for this: first, that dumb lit project, which is over now, so it's no longer an excuse. Secondly, after I did two miles, I've had this pain in my hip that worries me when I run. I'm hoping to get some new shoes soon that will help at least a little bit with that. But yes. I have lost my motivation.
4. I'm taking the PERT and the SAT within a month. So I'm going to feel really stupid. :|
5. In just 43 days, 7 minutes, and 43 seconds, I will be going to North Carolina. And I can't stinking wait.

I think that's everything. Oh, also...prayers would be appreciated as we finish up the year - things are always really stressful for us around college finals season (having a college student and college professor in the same house is like double trouble) Yeah! So...I love you guys...big virtual hug to all of my followers. <3

Thursday, April 11

I am a celebrity

It's been a little while since I caught you all up on what I've been doing/reading/listening to/all that jazz.
You probably don't care to find out, but I'm going to tell you anyway! :)

What I've been doing:
School, friends, running, music, video games, music, art, school. Ah, yes, school - always the alpha and omega.

What I've been reading:
Besides my Bible, really the only book I've been reading is The Count of Monte Cristo. Yes, it is a required book; however, I am enjoying it immensely and will probably reread it someday (Despite the fact that it's like 900 million pages long)

What I've been listening to:
This I actually have to divide into two categories...
What I've been listening to while running  
1. Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood
2. What Faith Can Do by Kutless
3. God Girl by Jamie Grace
4. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction (I'm sorry guys, but I'm human)
5. Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns
What I've been listening to all the rest of the time
1. My Straight No Chaser album, which is Christmas music but I really don't care. :)
2. Far and Away soundtrack
3. Liszt, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff
4. Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood (Yeah, I kind of really like that song right now)
5. Favorite Song by tobyMac <----- weird name

What I've been watching:
Besides the obvious MUSICALS MUSICALS AND MORE MUSICALS, I've been enjoying Persuasion (thank you Sarah!!!!) a LOT. It's actually been almost a week since I last watched it, so I'll probably be popping that in soon. So yes, movies like that and also comedies. Anything that makes me laugh my head off I love. :D

What I've been eating:
Chicken. Twice baked potatoes. Cookies. Peanut butter. Pizza. Bread. Cheese. Chicken.

Anywho...that has been my life lately! THanakKS forOROR LissssTTNEEING!!

Monday, April 8

On running

So guys, I've started running lately. I had kind of started in January (cuz after I volunteered at a half marathon...well let's say I was sort of inspired)
While I certainly haven't become an elite runner or anything, I have improved incredibly! I have run a mile straight through now and I'm gradually building up my endurance. My goal is to do this 5K in May that looks like soo much fun! I know I probably won't be able to run the whole thing straight through but at least I hope to run some of it. And even though most of you guys who read my blog don't need tips from me about running, I would like to share some things that have helped me!

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: I have had amazing friends (two in particular) who have encouraged and motivated me SO much! Without them I know I would have stopped a long time ago.
2. Get good music to run to. ;) Part of what has helped me is getting Christian songs with lyrics about how God will give you strength, or how He's always with you. When I really want to stop, I think about the words and talk to God and it helps me keep going!
3. Warm-up walk.
4. Stretch afterwards. It'll help keep your muscles from cramping up.
5. Don't push it. All good things come with time and effort. It took me about three months to do a mile. If you overdo it then it'll hinder your progress.
6. When I'm running and my muscles are working so hard and I just think I can't, I remember that God made my body so that it CAN. Even if it's only a little bit longer/faster, that thought always encourages me to do better.
7. Cool-down walk.
8. Don't think about it. When you get that itch and you just wanna run, go put on your shoes right away and get outside before you can talk yourself out of it. Seriously.

And yeah! I'm hoping to stick with this for a long time yet! 

Sunday, April 7

Gray and White

I stare into infinite White, wondering how I will ever win the battle over nothingness.
White stares back, daring me to mar its purity.
Holding my breath, I direct my pencil towards White.
Delicate whispers of Gray on White.
I breathe easier and continue fighting Gray's battle.
Further and further, darker and darker Gray grows.
Checking each line, aiming for perfection.
Darker Gray creeps up on White.
I am grinning now as the battle is being won.
But then a traitorous line gives White a chance.
White floods to all corners, obliterating almost all Gray.
Aided by my own eraser, White is once again victorious.
Taunted by White, let down by Gray, I am tempted to throw down my pencil.
But then I see a brave little Gray, hiding away from White, and I know I must not abandon it.
The little Gray grows darker on White.
I move my pencil quickly and skillfully, carefully penciling in each detail.
White is retreating surely and briskly.
And then just as almost all is gone, I stop, and breathe, "Perfect."
Remaining are both Gray and White.
Wondering White knows not why it has been allowed to remain.
Victorious Gray groans at my mercy.
Looking at my masterpiece, I smile, for I know this:
Gray is nothing without contrasting White. 

Thursday, April 4

On dreaming big

I know that pretty much everybody has dreams.
Some kids dream of competing in the Olympics.
Some kids dream of flying into outer space.
Some kids dream of graduating high school.
Everybody has dreams, no matter how insignificant they may seem compared to others'.
But have you ever thought about how likely it is that your dreams will come true?
Approximately .0005 percent of people will make it to the Olympics.
About .001 people will become an astronaut.
Approximately 78 percent of Americans will graduate high school.
Evidently some dreams are a little more likely to come true than others. ;)
But don't let that discourage you. Just make sure that you're in God's will, and if He wants you to achieve that goal, you will. No matter what.
And if He doesn't, then you won't. But He'll give you the understanding and maturity to realize why.

(Note - those percentages were calculated by me, and consequently are not guaranteed to be accurate. So in other words, don't go spouting off these statistics, just know that the odds are very low)

Wednesday, April 3

On Easter

Well, as I'm sure most of you have figured out, I am NOT done with blogging.
Now on to business.

This weekend was Easter, and you all know what that means!
(Besides the fact that it's like the most important holiday in the whole stinking world - think petty, okay?)
Now my family has never done much celebrating for Easter, even an egg hunt was a rare occurrence for us. However we do generally get at least a few pieces of candy. This year I was SUPER pumped to find Snickers and Reese's in my basket (my favoritest chocolatey munchies)
Yesterday a certain wish at 11:11 came true when I got a Snickers. :)
But yes. I got candy. :)
Also, we were in Mississippi for Easter, as my dad's birthday was the day before. We were visiting my grandma and uncle. We haven't gone to church in Mississippi for a long time, and we didn't this time either. That kind of gave me a new take on these Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc...) A lot of times we just get so caught up in the traditional sunrise services and Easter ham that we forget the real reason why we're celebrating.
I got a chance to think about it some on Sunday and to talk to my friends and even though I was miles away from them, together as Christians we were celebrating that our Lord is alive, no matter who tries to keep Him down. That's why we celebrate Easter. I'm not saying that any of the things we do to celebrate are wrong. Just keep in mind why we're doing them.
And may you get some candy while you're at it. :)

Monday, April 1

The End

This blog was started in July of 2011, which means I've had it for nearly two years.
And it's been fun, let me tell you! Besides getting to tell you all about the fun things I've done over that short time, I've also been able to share some of my thoughts on more serious things. My blog has been a big part of my life for these couple of years. 
However, all good things must come to an end. I have the SAT coming up in a month, and piano, and all the other things of life that just keep one busy.
And so I must discontinue my blogging. 
Nearly 15,000 pageviews and 338 posts from that first one in July, I bid you all goodbye.
Hopefully someday I can pick it back up again, but until then, I will miss you all. Thanks for making this such a great experience for me!