Wednesday, April 3

On Easter

Well, as I'm sure most of you have figured out, I am NOT done with blogging.
Now on to business.

This weekend was Easter, and you all know what that means!
(Besides the fact that it's like the most important holiday in the whole stinking world - think petty, okay?)
Now my family has never done much celebrating for Easter, even an egg hunt was a rare occurrence for us. However we do generally get at least a few pieces of candy. This year I was SUPER pumped to find Snickers and Reese's in my basket (my favoritest chocolatey munchies)
Yesterday a certain wish at 11:11 came true when I got a Snickers. :)
But yes. I got candy. :)
Also, we were in Mississippi for Easter, as my dad's birthday was the day before. We were visiting my grandma and uncle. We haven't gone to church in Mississippi for a long time, and we didn't this time either. That kind of gave me a new take on these Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc...) A lot of times we just get so caught up in the traditional sunrise services and Easter ham that we forget the real reason why we're celebrating.
I got a chance to think about it some on Sunday and to talk to my friends and even though I was miles away from them, together as Christians we were celebrating that our Lord is alive, no matter who tries to keep Him down. That's why we celebrate Easter. I'm not saying that any of the things we do to celebrate are wrong. Just keep in mind why we're doing them.
And may you get some candy while you're at it. :)

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  1. Sarah Me =)3/4/13 7:32 PM

    Hehe! We have the same favorite chocolate candies! ;D And I LOVE how you changed your blog!! It is so pretty! =D