Tuesday, April 23

I have issues

I was signing up for camp earlier and one of the things I had to fill in was this section.

"Does the camper have any emotional or behavioral issues?"

Oh yes, I have many, many emotional and behavioral issues. I will list just the most potentially dangerous ones here for sake of time - I know you have a lot of applications to go through.
For starters, sometimes I truly believe that I am a tree. I like to stand perfectly still in one spot and feel my branches and leaves blow in the wind. Sometimes I grow to twenty times my normal size and turn green when I get angry. I always run with scissors. I go ballistic whenever I hear the word "milkshake". Occasionally I will curl up into a fetal position and not move until I have recited the entire dictionary inside my head. I suffer from blennophobia, phobophobia, consecotaleophobia, and I am a kleptomaniac. There are many more things I feel I should list, but I have run out of room on the application.

Yep. I'm really excited to go to camp. x)


  1. Duck Tape Queen (Audrey)23/4/13 2:09 PM

    (Clapping slowly) Bravo, bravo....... bravo.

  2. That's funny... Did you really say that? :)