Thursday, April 4

On dreaming big

I know that pretty much everybody has dreams.
Some kids dream of competing in the Olympics.
Some kids dream of flying into outer space.
Some kids dream of graduating high school.
Everybody has dreams, no matter how insignificant they may seem compared to others'.
But have you ever thought about how likely it is that your dreams will come true?
Approximately .0005 percent of people will make it to the Olympics.
About .001 people will become an astronaut.
Approximately 78 percent of Americans will graduate high school.
Evidently some dreams are a little more likely to come true than others. ;)
But don't let that discourage you. Just make sure that you're in God's will, and if He wants you to achieve that goal, you will. No matter what.
And if He doesn't, then you won't. But He'll give you the understanding and maturity to realize why.

(Note - those percentages were calculated by me, and consequently are not guaranteed to be accurate. So in other words, don't go spouting off these statistics, just know that the odds are very low)

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  1. Very nice. The last thing you said made me smile. :)