Monday, April 8

On running

So guys, I've started running lately. I had kind of started in January (cuz after I volunteered at a half marathon...well let's say I was sort of inspired)
While I certainly haven't become an elite runner or anything, I have improved incredibly! I have run a mile straight through now and I'm gradually building up my endurance. My goal is to do this 5K in May that looks like soo much fun! I know I probably won't be able to run the whole thing straight through but at least I hope to run some of it. And even though most of you guys who read my blog don't need tips from me about running, I would like to share some things that have helped me!

1. FIRST AND FOREMOST: I have had amazing friends (two in particular) who have encouraged and motivated me SO much! Without them I know I would have stopped a long time ago.
2. Get good music to run to. ;) Part of what has helped me is getting Christian songs with lyrics about how God will give you strength, or how He's always with you. When I really want to stop, I think about the words and talk to God and it helps me keep going!
3. Warm-up walk.
4. Stretch afterwards. It'll help keep your muscles from cramping up.
5. Don't push it. All good things come with time and effort. It took me about three months to do a mile. If you overdo it then it'll hinder your progress.
6. When I'm running and my muscles are working so hard and I just think I can't, I remember that God made my body so that it CAN. Even if it's only a little bit longer/faster, that thought always encourages me to do better.
7. Cool-down walk.
8. Don't think about it. When you get that itch and you just wanna run, go put on your shoes right away and get outside before you can talk yourself out of it. Seriously.

And yeah! I'm hoping to stick with this for a long time yet! 


  1. I'm so glad for you! I hope to keep up my running (it's been a little while... cough). I know you'll do great in that run! Even if you can't run the entire thing, it's good that you can do some of it. I still can't run 3 miles, but I hope to some day.

  2. Good job! It took me awhile to build up my endurance as well, but it can be rewarding. It can also be one of those activities I despise while doing it, but feel so glad to have done it afterwards!

    1. Oh, yes. Running and I are in this love-hate-relationship!! :P You're still doing the color run right meredith? :) Remember its YOUR race so run YOUR pace!!!! XD

  3. Keep your chin up and keep on trucking, you beautiful goofy goober of goofy gooberness. You'll be running marathons in no time. :D