Monday, January 30


If you didn't know me, how old would you guess I am?
Well, it being only a week until my birthday, I am almost fourteen years old. I'm getting really old!
I'm a very strange thirteen year old. As my mom would say, I'm old for my age. Most people I meet think that I'm at least fifteen. Of course, as soon as I get comfortable around you and start being myself, you're never surprised that I'm only thirteen! Except that I like to use big words. Looking older comes in handy when you're actually young, but I'm thinking that I won't appreciate it so much when I get older.
Of course, the older illusion might come from the fact that even though I'm only thirteen, I'm in ninth grade, so I always hang around with kids who are at least a year older than me. Plus, I don't think anybody can hang around my older brother without picking up on at least a few of his smart person habits! :)
So while I may sound and sometimes look older than I am, just get to know me and I'll never seem so old again! Well, maybe when I actually am old, like sixteen. :) Think relatively, here.


  1. Heheh! Practically everybody I know has a birthday around this time of year. Goody-goody! Lots of people thought I was older than my elder sisters because of how tall I was! Now we're all about the same height. :D If I'm around people I've known, then I become a little crazy sooo... people probably don't think I'm fifteen years old.(October b-day) It was nice to see you guys for a moment at the market. It was actually my first time of meeting your Mom and even though it was only a moment, I like her very much.:) Anyway...I really didn't mean to write long notes all over you blog...

  2. Hehe, I think you act just fine for your age. :)

    Happy almost birthday!

  3. Sarah Me =)31/1/12 7:44 PM

    Jesse actually thought that you were 18 when he first saw you! :)
    Happy Birthday!! :D

    1. EIGHTEEN?!?!?!? Oh my goodness, Jesse!

  4. Whoa, Whoa, WHOA!! Being "old" now starts at 16?!? Oh my goodness! O.o