Monday, January 2

New look...again!

Okay, so I've changed the look of my blog. Again. I decided not to change it back to the way it was before Christmas. As much as I liked it, I was ready for something completely new and symbolic.
The dandelion kind of reminds me of me. Flighty, sometimes easily swayed and distracted, but ultimately, when the storm comes, firmly grounded. The cool hues of blue and white are calming, reminding me of the peace we have through Jesus. And overall, it just looks cleaner, hinting at my resolutions this year, namely in the area of my room...
If you like it, feel free to tell me! If you don't like it, feel free to tell me too! Your wish might be my command!


  1. I like it! And what a profound definition. :)

  2. I just realized that even though I did these two latest posts in the same time on the computer, they're from different days! :)
    I was up late, I guess!

  3. Sarah Me =)2/1/12 8:38 PM

    I like! :)

  4. It's beautimous :) I like the reasons behind the graphics you chose, too.