Thursday, January 12

PE again!

Today is PE day again! Unfortunately, Mother Nature seems to be protesting our choice of Ultimate Frisbee for a sport today. See, PE happens from 2:30 to 4:30. If you go and look at the weather forecast for today, you will probably see "partly cloudy". Until two, of course. Once we get to two o' clock, the forecast will say, "windy". We're supposed to have twenty mile per hour winds. And let's just say it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that, during a game of Ultimate Frisbee, having high wind gusts is not conducive to making good  Frisbee passes. Still, it could be an interesting demonstration. Maybe the high winds will be good for me. At least I'll have an excuse for why I'm doing so poorly!

Me: Well, that was the wind's fault!
Bystander: Um, the wind wasn't even blowing when you threw that Frisbee.
Me: Oh...hehe.

Yeah. Hopefully, we'll be able to go to PE today. Still, there's a possibility we won't, cuz Geoff is off with Dad with our only vehicle in Niceville, a little more than an hour away, so they won't get home until a little after two. Yup, it's a long story, and I won't tell the whole thing here, but essentially, there's a chance that we won't make it to PE and a good chance that if we do, we'll be a bit late. So if I'm not there right away, don't panic! If I'm not there in a long time---PANIC!!! :)
(fingers crossed!)


  1. We weren't going anyway. :( Our dad is about to leave for a month, so we're going for a bike ride with him at Navy Point.

    Maybe I'll see you next week! Or Monday..?

  2. I missed you ruth. And Meredith that did happen once when you threw and It was messed up by the wind haha so you were ok that one time:)

  3. Well, we missed all y'all Johnsons! :) Hope you can be there for our last week of girls separate from guys Frisbee--it's a totally different experience!

    Um, wait, Monday? What's on Monday?