Tuesday, January 24


We found out that the seventh grader who represented our homeschool group in the city spelling bee not only won in her grade, but she won the entire middle school bee! Last year, I won the middle school finals, but I got second in my grade because I got nervous or something. I really think I was just hungry! I hadn't gotten a real chance to eat dinner, and I was just like, "COME ON!!! I WANNA EAT!!!!!"
Now if we can just have a repeat victory on my night to spell! Unfortunately, even if I make it through my grade to the high school finals, chances are good that I could be up against two other homeschoolers, both of which are formidable foes and one of which happens to be my brother. So it should be a very interesting night with some cash prizes up for grabs!
I accomplished stuff today! I taught Mom some algebra (no, I do not have that backwards!), failed a grammar quiz, learned two of Newton's laws of physics, brushed up on my Spanish, practiced an hour of piano, and accidentally read  two more chapters than I was assigned in literature because the book was so good. And I worried about the spelling bee on Thursday. Why am I so worried? Because I've been out in the audience when someone misses a word, and then they have to walk across the long, loooonnnggg stage, trying to hide their embarrassment while everyone watches their sad journey. And I do not want to be that kid. At all.
Please just pray that I don't melt under the hot lights. :) It gets hard and long up there and sometimes I want to misspell a word just to get off the stage!

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  1. Sarah Me =)25/1/12 7:17 PM

    You'll do great!I'll be praying for you! :D