Saturday, January 14


Yippee! As of today, I have gone one whole week without a single sip of a super fake, super sugary beverage! I know it's a small achievement, but you must crawl before you can run! Speaking of which, I'm making a commitment (To me only - that way I'll only be able to let myself down) to get out and exercise a  very bare minimum of fifteen minutes every day, in hopes of being able to do a 5K sometime in the (hopefully near) future.  If you guys want, you can nag me about it, but I'm going to do this on my own. I'm getting to the age where I have to make decisions like this for myself, because I'm the one who has to live my life, nobody else. While others may influence me, ultimately it's entirely up to me. I'm seeing kids my age already making the choice to pursue or abandon a healthy lifestyle. It's my turn to make that choice. I guess we'll have to see which way I go. MAN that sounded intimidating! I'll try to lighten up, guys! :)


  1. Yay! Good job. Keep it going, and don't get discouraged! And I like your next goal as well. :)

  2. Thats Awesome Meredith! Keep it up! I know you can do it! And if you ever need partner I'm also trying for a more healthy lifestyle (plus I would love hangout!!) xD

  3. Whoo! Good job! I hope you reach your goals this year! :D