Tuesday, January 10

Geoff and the fridge

Geoffrey has named his laptop Orlando. That's the sort of random thing that is a regular occurrence at our house. This morning, I was fixing my breakfast and Geoff was rummaging in the fridge when all of a sudden I heard, "What is Captain America's Tommy gun doing in the refrigerator?" We have found all sorts of strange things in the refrigerator, from blankets to books to iPods. We actually sometimes find food in there, too! How strange. 
And for all of you who have been asking, my birthday is February 6. A Monday. :(


  1. Haha! How funny. The most interesting things happen to you guys. :)

    Ohh, your birthday isn't too far away. And maybe since it's on a Monday, you could take school off. :)

  2. Sarah Me =)10/1/12 2:46 PM

    Haha! I like the name Orlando (and I actually know someone who likes it way better than I do...)! I should name mine....I just can't think up a good name for it. :}
    Yay! I love birthdays!! :D We have a tradition that whenever a birthday lands on a weekday, we all get the day off! So now we all want ours to land on a weekday so we can have an extra day off from school! =D