Wednesday, January 18


You may not believe it, but Frisbee is one of the potentially more painful sports. Even though modern Frisbees have come a long way from their ancestors, which were pie tins. Like metal pie tins. Hello?! Metal hurts! Of course, so does the plastic Frisbee of today.
Why you should believe me:
1. Um, duh?
 Hurling a solid plastic disk through the air when there are lots of people around? Yeah, that could get a little dangerous! Especially because many of the people at PE (myself most definitely included) are only OK at throwing the Frisbee.
 When you're out on the field, you never know where that thing will be or when, so you've GOTTA pay attention.
2. Personal experience.
 I've played Frisbee at PE one week ( you'd be surprised how much I improved in just one week), then I practiced with Geoff for three afternoons.
I managed to improve my short tosses, my long throws, and I learned a trick throw. Yeah, I said trick throw. Watch out, cuz I rarely do it right, and that Frisbee is downright deadly when I mess it up! Also, on the receiving end of things, I got some practice with catching and dodging those awful throws. That skill will come in handy, I'm sure.
 Besides learning a trick throw, I also learned this: unless you catch it right, FRISBEES REALLY HURT.
 I am actually trying to manufacture some sort of guard for my hand because I don't think there should be a purple bump where the Frisbee impacts my palm.
Not to mention that being hit anywhere else on your body with a Frisbee hurts a lot too. At least when you're playing with my big brother.
Me: Harder is not always better!!
Geoff: Yeah, yeah. (hurls Frisbee as hard as he can)
I should be ready, come dodgeball season!
So when playing Ultimate Frisbee, run hard, play smart, watch for teammates, watch for opponents, keep your cool - and watch your head. :)

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  1. It always helps to hear about others experiences. Thanks for the advice! :) I'll see you tomorrow!