Friday, January 27

The results are in!

OK, so for those of you who didn't see the Local section in the Pensacola News Journal today, the spelling bee went really well. Like as well as I could have hoped! By the way, if you haven't seen the News Journal yet, DON'T PLEASE!!! I look awful! It looked like I was crying, but I wasn't! Just so you know. :)
So, 9th grade was first, so I was up. After four other people got out, I had to spell off against a kid from PCA, and eventually he misspelled a word and I got it and another word correct (loneliest and emerge were my winning words).  I got first place in my grade, which meant that I was going to move on to the finals, along with the other two guys who placed second in 9th grade. Then I had to sit in the audience for the other grades, where all of the kids that our homeschool league sent to the bee won first in their grade, including Geoff. Then the top three from each grade went to the finals. The finals went fairly quickly, because about half of the kids went out on their first words there. Eventually, it got down to me and Geoffrey spelling off, if you could call it that, because I misspelled my first word and he, the walking, talking encyclodictionsauras, got it right. The word was wheelwright. To be honest, I just got distracted and wasn't focusing on picking my brain for other words that it sounded like. Still, I made off with a couple hundred bucks, and losing to Geoff is nothing to be ashamed of. He's awesome!
So, a big thank you to my mom and dad for teaching me to love books, to all of the other adults who have encouraged me, and to all of my friends for letting me correct their spelling - it helps!! :)


  1. Sarah Me =)27/1/12 9:02 AM

    Congradulations!!!!! Great job! I wish that we could have gone to see you guys! Maybe next time! :D if you got a couple hundred, what on earth did Geoffrey get!?!?!

  2. Congratulations to you and Geoffrey! We thought about going, but didn't make it. You should tell us when your next one is so we can make it there. :)

  3. Congrats! Well if he is a walking encyclodictionsaurs you can be a walking/talking spell check :D see you tonight?

  4. Yay! I'll be there!
    love, the walking, talking spell check!