Tuesday, October 16


You, my loyal readers, have been waiting for a week for me to say something and I have remained silent.
I don't intentionally shun you...really.
My brain is just hard at work on...anything but composing a blog post.

Random tidbit: Our Frisbee has a crack in it. I am very sad as it is clearly no longer the best.

But when I sit down at the computer, it's like all of a sudden my creative juices freeze.
Even as I speak, I'm having to force the words to come...why do they despise me so? Why must they run from me? All I ask is a few paragraphs - sentences, even...just enough to keep my four or five readers happy for another few days.

Also, I like fish.

Nearly every time I sit down at the computer, I ask this question: "What should I blog about?"
(If you don't believe me, I have witnesses.)
Oftentimes I pick a random topic that seems somewhat relevant to my life and bloviate for a while.
I use big words, impressive words, blunt words, made-up words - anything to make it seem like I thought this through.
Separate lines after every other sentence; it creates the illusion of an epic poem or some such long literary labor worthy of high praise.
Add in some sarcasm and a pinch of random and you have one of my typical posts.

By the way, CHANGSHA. <3


  1. Your title definitely got my attention.
    I am truly sorry about your frisbee - is it now terminal?
    And the fish you love - would they be Swedish Fish? Because those are beast.
    And as for your posts, they are fun, witty, creative, and brilliantly sarcastical.
    True beans. <3

  2. I wanted to say, Happy National Boss Day! I thought of you today since you're like the boss of pretty much everything, so I thought this holiday very appropriate for you. :) Have a nice day! :D

  3. Sarah Me =)18/10/12 7:35 AM

    Hahaha! Coolest post ever! XD
    And NOOOOOOO!! That can't be! I loved that frisbee! :'''(
    And what is "changsha"???? (it sounds like something Joel or Jake would have said, but as my brothers are not saying it in every other sentance, I am a bit confused.....) ;P

    1. Changsha - A nonsense word that I made up. :)