Wednesday, January 23

On having sick friends

The Lees have been sick for about two and a half weeks. 
It's gotten so incredibly out of hand that I need to do a post about it, just cuz I love them and miss them and there's not a lot else I can do about it, so hey, this is something.

Why it stinks that they're sick

1. I miss Allie. (my best friend!!)
2. I miss Andrew. (Mr. Binkie)
3. I miss Daniel. (Dannyman!)
4. I miss Emily. (my sweetie <3)
5. I miss Mr. and Mrs. Lee. (all of those earlier whackos' parents, and my PE and biology teachers)
6. They're all miserable.
7. We're all miserable without them.

Why they need to get better

1. We all seriously miss our PE leader.
2. We all seriously miss Allie and Andrew in our Ultimate Frisbee games.
3. I miss my hugs from Dannyman and my sweetie! <3
4. We all HATE you guys being miserable!
5. It's just been too long.
6. I've been acting kind of like...normal without having Allie around...and that's just not right.
7. We still have one more week of Ultimate Frisbee!
8. My birthday is coming and if you're not better by then I just might cry!

The ONE reason it's good that they're sick

1. We have excuses to dote on them and show them how much we care!! <33

Please get better soon guys! I love you and miss you all soo much!


  1. Meredith,
    I will always pick you first. I love you so much and you do definitely make us feel special and loved. Mr. Lee says, "That was sweet." We are TRYING to get better.
    Mrs. Lee

  2. Aww. :) I miss them, too. I guess we won't be seeing them tomorrow, then. I would have asked them myself, but I didn't want to keep bothering them. :) Now I know!

    So after tomorrow, there is still a week of UF?

    1. You are not bothering us!!! We love you!!! <3

  3. Aw, that was such a sweet post Meredith! :D <3 I'm sooo glad you and Allie are such great friends!! :D And yeah, 2 weeks...imagine not seeing them in nearly a year! :'(
    Yes, would you guys PLEASE get better soon??? :/

  4. Okay!! Wow!! I can't believe I haven't commented!!! Sorry!! So anyway!! Wow you love us!!! I love you!!! And I miss my best friend!!! So you should have seen my face, I was smiling like a freaking dork!!