Monday, January 7

On ice cream

I currently want ice cream.
Ice cream is so wonderful that honestly, I think it warrants a blog post all its own.
And who better to write that blog post than me? I can't really think of anything that specifically qualifies me for this job, but let's not worry about tiny details such as those.
What makes ice cream so amazing?
It's sweet, creamy, bad for you...need I go on?
One of my pet peeves, however, is when I get this question.

"What's your favorite ice cream flavor?"

How is one even supposed to respond to this?

"Um...all of them?"

Who cares, ice cream is amazing and I shall educate you about it.

Fun Facts About Ice Cream

The average dairy cow can produce enough milk in her lifetime to make over 9000 gallons of ice cream. (That's one busy cow)
July is National Ice Cream Month. (Why was I not aware of this before?)
Vanilla is the number one selling ice cream flavor. (Clearly people like boring)
12 pounds of milk makes one gallon of ice cream. (Wut...)
It is believed that the Chinese invented ice cream sometime in something or other BC.

(Fun fact about me, if you want to be as smart as me, use the Google.)

Sooo guys...what's your favorite ice cream flavor?


  1. Um...all of them?? ;-) No seriously. All of them. But in particular, sherbet (any kind), mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and many more. =)

  2. I have YET to meet a flavor that I disliked! favorite is huckleberry (which I've only found in Canada! NOT FAIR people!) mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, peppermint, and pretty much all flavors with chocolate in their name. ;D

  3. I know why vanilla is the top seller: because everyone buys it to come up with awesome flavors, and just think of new stuff. They put a bunch of crazy things in it! Don't think you can call that boring now. :)

    I really like Cookies and Cream, as well! But chocolate is good, too.

  4. Mint Chocholate Chip!! :)