Monday, January 28

On not understanding

As much as I don't like it to be true, I don't understand much. I suppose you could say that's kind of the way of the world. Maybe that's how God intended it to be...cuz if humans could understand everything they'd have more reason to justify being equal with Him, something we will never be. I'm going to tell you some of the things that I don't understand (and please understand that this list is nowhere near complete)

I don't understand why people like me. They say I'm funny and enjoyable to be around. 
Really I'm just mean and everyone thinks I'm kidding. :)

I don't understand all of the laws of the universe. Sure I can talk for a very brief period of time about the laws of angular reflection when applied to a Frisbee, and I can tell you about how Usain Bolt is faster than gravity, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. What goes up must come down?

I don't understand why people kill other people. Like seriously, I can understand really, REALLY disliking someone, but going so far as to end their life? That person has made more memories than we'll ever know, they've done things we can't possibly imagine, and they have family, friends, and countless other people who will be influenced by their death. 

I don't always understand why people die. I think of the car accident that I saw last week...two wonderful people died in just an instant. And we just drove by and continued our own lives. There may not have been a good reason we can see for why they had to die. Maybe they were just so awesome that the world couldn't handle them.

On a lighter note, I don't understand mathematics.

I don't understand guys. Duh, I'm a teenaged girl, naturally I'm interested in guys and my friends being interested in guys - it's a bunch of drama, and it's fun, and it's confusing. It's so cool to see how the girls band really is just like a big girls vs. guys in the end. 

I don't understand why I can't always catch the Frisbee. I've lost many hours of sleep over this. It's frustrating, y'all.

So now you know some of the things that I don't understand (hopefully it'll help you understand me a little better) The list goes on to be CRAZY long, but I'm not worried about it, cuz I know that God understands everything and He's got a plan for me and everyone else. I don't have to understand everything, cuz quite honestly I like trusting Him better. :)


  1. Meredith,
    I read what you wrote and the reason we all think you are so wonderful is for everything you said. You are funny, smart, silly, honest, can admit you don't know everything, let us see the real you list could go on for an extremely long time. Just know I love you and you are amazingly awesome and maybe you don't have to totally understand why...just please keep being Meredith!

  2. Aw, that was a good post. It was enjoyable, fun, and had a good ending. :) You know, I can't ever think of what to blog about. You always have a bunch of writing and fun stuff. :D Maybe you should give me some ideas! :)

  3. I wondered if anyone else in the van had spent much time thinking about those two people who lost their lives in the accident that we "happened upon" minutes after it took place. I have thought often of those two people who got up that morning and had no idea what was ahead for them. Their families certainly weren't ready for it. As we drive by that spot several times a day and see the little make-shift memorial set up, it is a reminder that we don't know how many days we have left so we should make the most of each one. That is something that I don't many days I have left, but I want to be sure to use them how God wants me to. Good thoughts, Meredith. I love you.