Wednesday, January 30

I know what I did

It's been a really long time since I just posted some pictures from fun stuff I've been doing! 
I guess y'all prolly all thought that my life has just been boring, huh?
Well...the word "NO" just isn't NO enough to say how wrong that is.
Here's a mishmash photography post that can hopefully journal a LITTLE bit.
 I volunteered!
 I wrote, doodled, and goofed off a LOT.
 I had bunches of fun with all my friends...who are all amazing and I love them! <3 (rabbit trail)
 I got a haircut! :)
Since I got a new camera in November, I've gotten back into photography and this was one of the first sunsets I shot with my new camera.
And boy was it gorgeous...the sunsets are always beautiful here but this one was particularly breathtaking.
I tested the waters of portrait photography! I suppose you could say this is a sneak peek at Geoffrey's senior pictures? Although this one is more of a blooper. ;)
We looked at old pictures and found some gems...yup, that's my dad!
So yeah! That's what's been going on! Add in some Ultimate Frisbee, music, and lots of school, and you have my life! 


  1. The first beach picture is beautiful! And your dad is funny. :)

    I'm trying to see where Lark Rise to Candleford is heading, but so far I'm enjoying it. :) Almost to season 2!

  2. Love your hair, LOVE your sunset pics!!!!!!!! :D

  3. The sunset pictures are beautiful Meredith! You should definitely use your camera at Banner Elk.