Monday, January 7

On quiet

I've been a little quiet lately, not only in the world of blogging but in real life as well.
Yes, I still have my normal, bubbly personality! (I think I would scare people if I didn't)
Yes, I'm still loud sometimes! (Cuz it's fun!)
Yes, I still love having fun and being a nutball! (Tis who I am, after all)
Yes, I still played Just Dance like a crazy person with my best friend. (It was What Makes You Beautiful, fools, of COURSE I was enthusiastic!!!!)
However, I have felt less like sharing lately.
And I don't mean sharing my ice cream. Cuz I never feel like sharing that. I love you and all, but come on. It's ice cream, yo.
I mean that I haven't felt like posting every teeny, intimate, disgusting detail of mine and my family and friends' lives (and drama), no matter how indirectly I may come at it and no matter whether anyone even knows what I really mean when I post vague things.
I hope you all will understand, I have other things on my mind.

There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not aloud.
         - Carol Shields

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