Thursday, January 17

In which I do a funny

Okay guys, once again I have been gone for a while. I have really meant to be on here more and I've actually thought of some wonderful ideas for blog posts...but I forgot them all. So here we are, and I'm writing about nothing in particular. So I suppose I'll get you caught up on my life and what I've been doing that's keeping me away from you all!
First and foremost is school. I've found high school to be kind of a wake-up call for me. For the first ten years of my schooling, I was used to being able to breeze through my classes, and now that I'm in high school I finally have discovered something : school is hard.
Yeah, big surprise, right?
But I have been very busy with school, mainly my math and literature classes. I'm currently finishing up Algebra I so I can continue with geometry, my main math course this semester. The plan is to get algebra finished so I can take the SAT/PSAT in the near future. I'm also hoping to take the PERT so I can dual enroll at Pensacola State this fall, and possibly summer. (Me doing school over the summer - yeah, right.)
Literature is really fun! I'm seriously enjoying this class, but there's a lot of work. Currently I'm studying for the midterm, which we take tomorrow...kinda nervous, but mostly excited!! I love tests...
Literature is also quite a load because I inherited my dad's procrastination, so it is not a rare occurrence for me to have quite a lot of catch-up reading to do the day before co-op.
Secondly, marshmallows and sugar have been keeping me away from here.
In other words, my peeps. (like the candy...get it???) xD
I just did a funny.
But yes, I've been quite busy doing stuff with my friends! Not complaining here, just explaining! ;) Most of you reading this I've seen recently anywho, so it's unlikely that you missed my blogging presence much!
Thirdly, music has been keeping me away.
Last and least, really...I just needed three excuses because...well, three is a magic number!
I really haven't been kept away from blogging by music, I just wanted to catch y'all up on me!
I won two awards this winter. Yay.
I have a performance coming up in February where I am privileged to accompany my friend and amazing musician Tyler, and then I have a scholarship competition, and then I have a sonata competition, and then another scholarship competition, and then a concerto competition, and then another scholarship competition. And then I think I'm done. Mebbe...
Also I'm performing this Saturday, which I just I should probably practice for that.
If I was being honest, I think playing Modern Warfare has kept me away from blogging more than music has, but hey, I have a reputation to uphold, don't I?
So that's been my life as of late!
In other news, twenty days until my birthday! Which also means twenty days until I can drive (legally)!!!
Just wanted to scare you all a little. ;)

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  1. Hehe, I liked reading this post. :) 69 days until my birthday! I'm like right behind you! :D

    Hey, I want to know about all of your performances. Have to see if we can make it to any of them. :) Hope I can see you soon!