Saturday, March 23

Public pianos for Pensacola

So guys, there's this thing happening around town and I'm sooo excited!
It's a new project started by a lady who teaches piano (and harpsichord and a whole truckload of other things) at the University of West Florida and I'm not sure all of the technical details of the whole thing but let me say this, I am so jitterigimously ticklefied! I absolutely cannot wait!!
This lovely thing is that there are going to be pianos all around Pensacola!
PUBLIC pianos!
As in, ANYBODY can play them!
And I played one of them today! As far as I know there are only two thus far and they aren't at their final locations as of yet, but I think this is just the coolest thing! This is something that I've heard about before that I think was done in New York and I was so jealous but now it's happening here! I think I may just hog the piano from the world so nobody else can play and only me.
Anywho, these are like old pianos that have been somewhat restored and painted up really cool! Here's the one that I played today!
 Okay, Geoffrey played too...but that's the cool thing: anybody can do it! Even if you've never had a lesson in your life (which honestly could be somewhat painful in some cases...but I digress)
See the lovely Spanish man photobombing my picture? ;)
It's a gorgeous piece of art, although I can't say it's a particularly lovely piano musically speaking...
This is just getting started but I'm really excited! So keep an eye out for these pianos around the town!
I think this one is going in the Maritime Stadium and there's another one destined for the airport.
Also I played Pirates on this piano today.


  1. I apologize for my run-on sentences and excessive punctuation all over the place. ;)

  2. Joanna Johnson24/3/13 9:34 AM

    Oooh, I JUST heard about this! Like, last night! The downside about being a pianist is that you can't just take one with you wherever you want, so I think it's awesome that somebody's doing this :)

  3. Wow, that is really cool!! :D

  4. Ah...awesome! If we ever see a piano about town anywhere, we always know we can't actually play them, but this would be cool! It's like when you are on a tour and they say, "Do not touch," but you really want to...