Saturday, May 5

How well do you know me?

Yes, I'm copying Allie and Andrew. :) It sounded like a fun thing to do!

Mom, you can't answer these, it's unfair. :)

1. Where was I born?
2. How many siblings do I have?
3. What musical instrument do I play?
4. What is my absolute most favoritest color?
5. Where do I go every June for my family reunion?
6. What is my favorite book of the Bible?
7. What is one word you would use to describe me? (this is more of a random little thing than a question)


  1. 1. Pensacola fl?
    4. Piano
    5. North Carolina
    6. Matthew?
    7. Amazing

    1. Right, except my favorite book is Psalms! :)

  2. ooh ooh ooh! *raises hand* I was going to say the exact same thing that Allie did but then people would think I was just copying ;P, except that I don't know your favorite book of the Bible and I couldn't find one word for you, beautiful, competitive, sweet, and all that good jazz. ;) I may not know you guys very well or that long, but I love ya' already and I will be stocking you people and your family members on Facebook. Mwahaha! (My mom lets us browse hers) ;D

  3. oh I forgot 3. that would be Pink!!!!!

  4. Sarah Me =)7/5/12 9:05 AM

    Well I was going to do it....but Allie beat me to it!! :P Oh, well...I'll try to catch it next time! :D