Monday, May 14


On Saturday, we went to the farmers market to see some of our friends! It was a nice day and it didn't rain while we were there! I had a blast, even though the nearby car show was veeery loud. :P

Cadey, Audrey, and Mrs. Grey from Annie Grey Photography with her amazing photos!

 Doesn't Audrey look so sweet and kind in that picture? You just want to go up and give her a big hug, don't you? :/
This car is soooo cool!!! Even though the noise from the car show was annoying and bombastic, the cars were really neat! :)
After that, we had the homeschool graduation, where I got no pictures because it was crazy. Sorry! :)

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  1. Sarah Me =)14/5/12 7:52 PM

    It was fun! I am glad that you guys got to come!! ...boy do I look tired in that picture! :P It had been a loooong day... :}