Wednesday, December 14

Skating party

I haven't exactly been posting my recent  activities in good order lately...
Oh well! I want to post pictures from our skating party last Thursday, so I'M GONNA!
Yummy brownies! It kind of looks like there's a bite out of that one, doesn't it?
Wonder how that got there!

There's not a lot of shots with people skating that turned out for two reasons
1. They're moving pretty fast      
2. The lighting was bad in the rink

I think she was trying to steal my cookie.
HAHA! Foiled again, Bria!

Hi, Mary! You look very nice in this picture.

I don't need to tell you; you guys know who you are!
I know all of your names now! Yay me!

Supposedly this pose never makes a bad picture. I have to tell you, we didn't have a bad one of Joel in that pose from the party on Thursday...maybe he was right!

Hey, those are my glasses! Wanna know how she got them?
Well, there were about a hundred ninjas on, um, skateboards! And they all came in and jumped on me and beat me up and stole my glasses, but then I got up and scared them all away. Yup! That's what happened!

It's another Sarah!!!!

Kacie. Wearing my glowstick thingy. Yeah.

I really like this picture! I don't know why, but I do. She's like, "I'M FLYING!!!!"

My friend Abbie and her sister-in-law. 

HI, Allie! You look very blurry and stuff!

It's me and Ruth! Yay! My hair looks really messy! GREAT!

Hello, Daniel the Devil Child! I like you!
It was a very fun time. Even though my skates were too small and I got a blister, I had a great time with my friends! I think if my friends are there, almost anything is fun.


  1. Sarah Me =)14/12/11 9:54 AM

    Hey, lookie there! I'm on your blog! ;) You were the one who made those brownies?!?!? They were AMAZING! :D I had a lot of fun! And it was cool because I got free hi-fives!! ;)

  2. Yay, I'm so excited to see this!Haha, ninjas... And good for you! You know our names. :)

    Eek, not a good picture of me. :/

  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures...I'm glad someone decided to take a camera! :D We had fun, and I only fell twice! Sorry about your blister! I know that hurts. :\ I'm glad Geoff decided to go too. We all skated! ;)

  4. Yeah it was fun! And... Um... I did'nt see ninjas! ;) Maybea they were being really speedy!!! (Ok... I know it was a joke.) :)

  5. I love all the big smiles in these pictures! Looks like everyone had a good time. Doesn't Bria look SMART in those glasses?

  6. My neck looks weird in that picture lol. You and ruth look great in that picture! And so does Abby and her sister-in-law! :)

    b ~Mary

  7. I love this! I wish they had skating parties more often!
    HEhe Thank you Mr. Stemen! I even got my thinker face on with the glasses! :D
    Oh and BTW, I love the new background on your blog!