Sunday, December 18

BRAIN DUMP!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Allie just started a blog of her own! You should totally go check it out!
Here's a link--
Also, things seem to be working out for us to go to MS for Christmas! So I'll miss you guys, but let's face it-- probably wouldn't have seen you anyway!
Still, have a VERY nice vacation and don't eat too many sweets!
(btw, our church had our Christmas program tonight! Went great!)


  1. Hope you have a good vacation!

  2. Sarah Me =)21/12/11 4:40 PM

    I love brain dumps! ;)
    Oh, I went on Allie's blog, but I can't comment. She doesn't have the setting 'Name/URL'. Normally I could still comment as 'Miller family aquaponics' but I haven't in so long that it won't let me. :( So I was wondering if you could let her know please. (If you have time--I don't want you to have to while you all are at the funeral and stuff...just whenever you have a chance, or I'll just ask her next co-op.) :)