Monday, December 5

Friday and Saturday

Okay, this was a busy weekend for us. The whole thing started off on Friday at co-op. Co-op days are always busy, so that was nothing new. But then, Friday night, Mom had a Moms Meeting and I was playing Christmas songs during their dinner. A bunch of my friends were there serving, too.
Nope, I'm not in that picture. But I am in this one!
That's me playing the piano. Believe it or not. Yes, I am wearing a green sweater. What of it? The bench was super hard and I sat there for two hours straight! I have five other girls along with a bunch of ladies who can vouch for that fact, too.
After I finished on the piano, all of us girls hung out and did girl stuff. (yeah, you'll never know!) Let's just say it involved a lot of giggling!
After that, Mom and I went home tired and konked out. Good thing, cuz we were up early the next morning going to the farmers' market. It's kind of a research thing when we go down there, cuz we're thinking about setting up a stand to sell some of our artwork and Audrey's crafts. Anyways, we had several friends down there, and yes, I took pictures. And yes, some of you guys are in them. :)
Geoffrey was feeling goofy. Or maybe just nervous. He did have a piano competition in just a few hours.
A cello, guitar, and violin trio performed by Sarah, Joanna, and Hannah. Did I get all the names right? I think I've got you all down now. (You guys sounded awesome by the way!)
You know, I think we should all get together and have a two pianos, guitar, violin, cello, and bongo drum party!

The weather was lovely, but maybe a tad chilly. I still thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Okay, this is how this went.
Jesse: Hey, Meredith, take a picture of me and put it on your blog and surprise Sarah!
Me: Okay...
Maybe all of the guys were feeling goofy on Saturday. Maybe it's just a guy thing.
We also bought a really cool wind chime with a pretty silver pitcher. There were all of these blue beads hanging off of it to look like there was water pouring out of the pitcher. I got a picture, but 1) it was a bad picture, and 2) it's not working to upload it anyway. Maybe I'll be able to get a good shot when we hang it.
After the market, we went home for a while, but soon headed back out, all the way to Gulf Breeze this time. Dad and the little kids went to the zoo (the place where my dad works had an employee appreciation day) and I would have gone with them, but there were about six zillion people there, and that's not my cup of tea. I would prefer to go with several of my friends. Still, I left the camera with them and they got a couple of nice pictures. Some of them had to be zoomed in a bit so you could see the animals.
Oh, look. It's a cow. Moo.

Cameron kept shoving his map in the animals' faces, so the goat just bit it. Smart animal, there.

The giraffe licked Cam's map. You could see the wrinkles all along the side. :)

The fence might get in the way of pictures, but I'm quite glad it's there!

AW! It's so cute and beige!

Sooooo......TIRED!!!! Why does the tiger always look like that?

The gator pen is actually one of my favorite places in the zoo. Don't know why!

Cameron, King of Totally Posed Pictures

These pictures are actually courtesy of my little sister! Not bad, huh?

I love how the peacocks just roam around the zoo. Their squawking gets kind of annoying,  though.

Aaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Need I say more?

Um, same here!
Meanwhile, Mom and Geoff and I were at a really pretty church, St. Simon's on the Sound. Geoff was there for a competition. I would have been doing it too, but I won it last year, and I couldn't compete at the same level again. Next year, I'll be old enough to do the next level! Anyway, we were there about an hour and a half before Geoff performed. He did a good job, I guess, because he won first place (and two hundred dollars!).
Geoff was excited, but he kept up the goof.
So, all in all, Friday was tiring and Saturday was awesomely fun. It was great to see some of my friends both days, and we ended up with good pictures and memories. Plus, for a sneak peek of what's coming up in my next post....
That post will be soon as we get some batteries for my camera! :)


  1. Ah, there is nothing like the busy weekends. ;)

    It all looked like fun! I feel so honored to be on here too! ;D (yes, you did get the names right--good job!) I felt bad, though, because when you guys came, our fingers were still rather stiff, AND we didn't have the piano working yet! Glad you liked it anyway. :) Congrats to Geoffrey on his win!

  2. Sarah Me =)5/12/11 2:37 PM

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm glad that I could be with you guys for some of it! :) (exept for the whole speech thing, and the fact that I didn't get to go to the mom's meeting.)
    :( Oh! Did Bria get to go to the mom's meeting?
    And congratulations Geoffrey!!! I'm sure you did amazing! (I was going to ask if you took a video, but then I remembered that you gave the camera to Audrey...) :}

    P.S. Looking forward to that christmas post! (I am eventualy going to do one of my own...if I can ever get around to doing it!) :D

  3. I told you you would win Geoffrey!! :D

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  5. Fun fun! It looks like that camera takes some nice pictures; and good job, Audrey, on those you took.

    Congratulations, Geoffrey!

  6. Well that sounds like a fun weekend! Tell geoffrey I said congradulations! We have a pretty busy weekend this week as well...