Thursday, December 15


I'm very much enjoying reading the book Christy by Catherine Marshall, even if it is technically assigned reading for my literature class. I especially like it because I've been to that area of the country, so I can picture the scenery. These are some of my pictures from our visit to the Smokies.
This one's from our hike on the Appalachian trail. Yeah, not the whole thing. It kind of started to get hard to breathe when we got to the higher elevations, plus we were out of breath anyway. Being six thousand feet up will get to anyone, especially if you're from Flat Florida like me.

I think that this just might be my art show entry for photography.
I'm torn, cuz I got so many awesome shots from NC.
You can see the shadow of the clouds in the background! Isn't that cool?
Hey, Sarah Johnson, this is the stuff I live to get out in!

That's a Christmas tree farm down there in the background. I never want to leave the mountains! I want to live there when  I grow up!
There's another requirement for my future husband: He's gotta love the mountains!

I can totally picture the scenes from the book! If she's talking about a creek, I can see it cuz there's one right by the lodge we stay in (the little kids play in it non-stop). If she's talking about a rocky clearing in the woods, I can see it cuz I've been to several! If she's talking about the majestic summit of a mountain, I can see it cuz I've been on many! I know what the cool, crisp, fresh air that she talks about is like!
It's just awesome. Going to North Carolina is the one thing out of the year that I can get excited about any time I think about it. Us cousins have big plans to buy the camp we stay at when we grow up so we can be there all the time! :)

(haha, post number 111)


  1. When you all buy the camp, be sure to keep the rocking chairs on Sara's Rockin' Porch for your old geezer parents. I love these pictures; maybe you got your love of the mountains from me! I read Kristy when I was about your age, too. It was very inspiring to me to make my relationship with God personal instead of something I believed because my parents did.

  2. Whoa! You've been there before? Cool! I would love to hike on the Appalacians. And nice pictures. :)

    Whose finger? :)

  3. I loved the Christy book. I read it when I wasn't sure what I wanted to read, and asked my older sister Hannah to pick something out for me from her personal library. It was also one she very much enjoyed. Our family also loves the older series (I know, a bit far-fetched from the book ;)!

    I have only seen some real mountain views and such this past summer when Joanna and I went with some family friends. It was quite amazing! I would LOVE to go to the Appalachians one day. Very nice pictures. :)

  4. I cannot believe I misspelled Christy! Argh...

  5. I was gonna say, Mom!
    Maybe I got that natural spelling instinct from Dad...

  6. It looks so beautiful. I haven't actually seen any mountains before but I'm quite sure I would fall in love with them instantly. Maybe one of these days I can go on an adventure as well.:]

    Before when I had written a small thing about leaving the beach at sunset and God's beauty, etc., a friend said, "Imagine how she would feel being in Colorado." I don't know, but if everything's this beautiful here, it must be magnificent in the mountains.