Thursday, December 1

It's Thursday!

I came home from PE this evening sore, tired, and sweaty--but quite satisfied. The games couldn't have gone better (except for maybe that one play!) and most importantly, almost everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy playing! Too bad that Geoff couldn't be there, but he had a cold, and he seems to be feeling better now. He said that it got to be about four o' clock and he told Mom, "You know what I want to be doing right now? Playing kickball." Poor Geoff. Anyways, it was a good game nonetheless. Not to mention that we won every game, which of course makes it a lot better! And it was good to see my friends again, after two weeks!


  1. It was a good game! It was nice seeing you after a whole two weeks. :D

    Aww, poor Geoffrey. Tell him I said hi. No... wait... that would be kind of weird... uh... nevermind...

  2. Haha! I know, but it's not weird! I understand about friends' brothers, believe me! Joel and Jake won't leave me alone! Not that I mind the attention...