Monday, December 12


Our piano is awesome.
Like, seriously, I like it better than lots of pianos I've performed on all over the state of Florida!
But of course, I'm completely biased.
We got our piano two years ago. We used to have an old upright that looked somewhat like this.
Except not so ornate. We had an elaborate music stand, but the rest of the piano was pretty much just regular.
Then in November, everything changed. We took Ol' Bessie down to the music store and traded her out. We got about two hundred dollars for her to go towards our new piano. Geoff and I actually agreed on one piano, a medium-priced Yamaha 4 foot 11 baby grand. The salesman said he was surprised we didn't try to nab a Steinway. But now, I'm glad we didn't. I love our piano just the way she is. We named her Scarlett. I don't know how Geoff spells it, but I always imagine it with two T's, so that's how I spell it.
Sorry about the mess underneath, but we have more music books than we know what to do with!

That's a Christmas book and some sheet music on the rack. I've been playing a lot of Christmas music lately, trying to ward off the holiday stress that we always seem to get so bad.


  1. Hey, that first piano looks like the one we used to have! It was one that my mom's family had when she was young, and my aunt has it now since we got a new one as well. It is an upright because we have so many instruments, and not as much room as a big one would require! Yours looks very nice, and I love the name. :) And I absolutely understand with the many books; our living room is packed with papers and books and papers! Not hard to lose a song...

  2. I was going to say that. It DOES look a lot like ours. :)

    We got a piano from Dollarhides a few years ago, and I love it. So easy to play. Your's looks nice. I've always wanted one where the lid opens. :)

  3. Ooohh...I like. :D